Bailie Key: “Timing is everything”


Full Twist contributor Anna Rose Johnson gathered questions from readers and posed them to first-year senior and U.S. National Team member Bailie Key. In this fascinating interview, Bailie discusses her goals, her commitment to Florida, her motivation, and much more!

FT: What is your goal for 2015 P&Gs?

BK: My goal for 2015 P&Gs is to go out there, hit all of my routines, and put out my new skills that I have been working.

FT: Will you have any upgrades or new skills for Classics/P&Gs?

BK: Yes, always working to improve.

FT: When do you think you’ll debut your Amanar?

BK: When my coach and I feel that it is the right time. 🙂

FT: What is your new floor music?

BK: It’s a little something special a team of great people picked out for me.

FT: What has been your biggest challenge or obstacle so far this year?

BK: My biggest challenge/obstacle so far this year has been timing. As I am learning these difficult skills, timing is everything.

FT: How was the change from the junior to senior division?

BK: The change from junior to senior division was exciting. I was so excited to finally be able to compete at the senior level.

FT: What was your hardest skill to learn?

BK: The Amanar has been the most challenging to learn, because I want to be able to compete it consistently.

FT: What is one skill you would like to learn and compete?

BK: The skill I’m most excited to compete is my Amanar.

FT: What is your favorite event to compete?

BK: If I had to pick one, it would be floor. 🙂

FT: Do you think you might consider trying for a second Olympic Games?

BK: My focus right now is having a strong senior debut.

FT: How would you describe Kim as a coach?

BK: I would describe Kim as dependable, driven, and smart. Being able to go into the gym every day and knowing that she has a plan allows me to depend on her to help me reach my goals. The workouts we do are organized and suited to my needs. Kim is very driven and goal-oriented and it helps us stay focused. I’m lucky that Kim is very smart. She paved the way for elite gymnastics and knows what it takes.

FT: What are some of the reasons you chose the University of Florida?

BK: I fell in love with the campus. My time with the team was amazing. They made me feel right at home. They have a great academic program and their athletic program is the perfect fit for me!

FT: Do you think you might go professional?

BK: Right now my thoughts are on the U.S. Classic. I like to take my gymnastics one day at a time.

FT: Who are some of the gymnasts you look up to?

BK: I admire the entire U.S. gymnastics team, because I know how much dedication and sacrifice that each of them has put in daily. [They] all bring something special to make us a great team.

FT: Where do you find your strong motivation and determination every day in trying to reach your goals?

BK: I find my strength and motivation from within. I am my toughest critic. It has to come from me. People can want all day long for me, but if it doesn’t come from me it won’t happen.

Special thanks to Bailie for answering our questions!

Photo by Filippo Tomas via USA Gymnastics on Facebook

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