World Gymnastics Championships 2010 Videos

With the year drawing to a close today, you might be feeling nostalgic thinking about the 2010 Gymnastics year. Komova2012 has the Womens Team Final uploaded to YouTube and split into 11 parts. Enjoy! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 […]

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Team USA: Behind The Scenes at Worlds 2010

I'm really loving this video that AT & T have out up on their website. It follows the USA Men's and Women's Teams to Rotterdam and back. Nicely

Daniel Keatings on Great Britain’s World Championships Performance

As previously posted, Daniel Keatings was part of the commentary team for the BBC's coverage of the World Gymnastics Championships in October. I really think he did a

Kohei Uchimura Interview

A interview with the current Men's World Champion Kohei Uchimura from 2009 - I like it. Watch the videos below, or Part 1 and Part 2 on YouTube and

Shannon Miller Interview

Shannon Miller was recently interviewed by Gym Power about her thoughts on the World Championships in Rotterdam. I did see during the World Championships that Miller was busy

Video: FIG World Championships Apparatus Finals Day 1

Another wonderful FIG edit. This one is of the First Day of the Apparatus Finals. Watch below or on

Ollie Williams on Understanding China’s gymnastics powerhouse

A great new article from BBC Sport's Ollie Williams. At the weekend he posted this picture of the Chinese Women's Coach "being grilled" by the media as to

Great Britain crazy for Team GBR

As Rick posted yesterday, the British Press are CRAZY for the members of the Great British Worlds Team at the moment. Every time I sign into my Google

More Team USA Interviews

I really really love what the USA Media Team have done for this years World Championships, interviewing all of the gymnasts after competition. I hope it catches on

The verdict on the Mustafina & Nabieva Vault devaluation..

After the conclusion of the World Championships on Sunday, we posted about the fact that both Aliya Mustafina and Tatiana Nabieva's Vaults in the Vault Event Finals were

Longines Prize for Elegance

Japan's Rie Tanaka and Germany's Philipp Boy were both presented with the Longines Prize for Elegance last weekend at the World Championships. Watch Tanaka's routines below, she's beautiful

Videos: Women’s World Gymnastics Championships 2010

Since there's been so many videos coming up online of the World Championships, it makes sense to combine them in the one post. It's fantastic that people are

Video: Lauren Mitchell – Floor

Lauren's gold winning routine. Watch below or here on

Should Mustafina & Nabieva’s Vaults have been downgraded?

Gimnastas.net asks on Twitter: "this" being the revised May edition of the WAG Helpdesk (a PDF document to help clarify & give examples of different rules in the FIG

Worlds Today 24/10/10 – Mens & Womens Individual Apparatus – A Quick Round Up

The competition came to a close today with the Womens Beam and Floor Event finals taking place as well as the Mens Vault, High Bar and Parallel Bars

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