The verdict on the Mustafina & Nabieva Vault devaluation..

After the conclusion of the World Championships on Sunday, we posted about the fact that both Aliya Mustafina and Tatiana Nabieva’s Vaults in the Vault Event Finals were devalued and also both girls incurred a 0.1 penalty. Gymnastics Coaching kindly linked to our post and this began a discussion in the comments on his website.

The numerous comments concluded that the vaults were downgraded as they were in a piked position as opposed to gaining full marks for proper layout position:


In terms of the devalue of the 2 russians 2nd vault there is a piked version of this vault in the elite code of points #5.23 for a 5.7 start value. If you watch both vaults you can see that it is a pike position more then 50% of the vault.


The vaults were piked down. In order to get full credit they should stay in a layout position. Also, Nabieva’s 2.5, didn’t make it all the way around, thus it was devalued to a DTY. In order to get credit for a 2.5, the whole body (feet to chest) must be facing forward, and she’s not.


Secondly, the comments explained that the girls received a 0.1 penalty for landing close to the corridor markings. You can see in the below  from the Code of Points and Ricks Screen shots why this was applied.

or from the revised May edition of the WAG CoP Helpdesk…

Nabieva’s second vault

Mustafina’s landing on her second vault

Rick also poses the question – should Alicia Sacramone also be penalised?

Thanks to all for your time and effort explaining to those who were confused.

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