NASA on gymnastics

GymNiceTic was the first to link to this yesterday. NASA met up with Nastia Liukin to discuss how gymnastics and astronauts in space are similar.  The video is available to download and watch on the NASA website. Of course, she […]

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5 Christmas Gifts for Coaches

Coach Dawn Writes has composed a list of 5 gifts that every coach might like for Christmas. Great athletes.  I’m sure I don’t have to expand on this, but

Video: Ford Mondeo “True Beauty” TV Advert

Watch below or on YouTube. If you can make out who the gymnast featured is, leave a comment below. "True Beauty" features a beautiful CG x-ray energy effect

Shannon Miller Interview

Shannon Miller was recently interviewed by Gym Power about her thoughts on the World Championships in Rotterdam. I did see during the World Championships that Miller was busy

Gymnastics TV Advert

Gymnastics.... Audi Cars, umm... you know how they're related right!?! Either way, love this advert for

Little Links 16/10/10

Geoffrey Taucer is looking for suggestions, what would you like to him him write about in his blog? Technical of course! Nadia Comaneci calls for more opportunities for women

Commonwealth Games Coverage & Information

British Gymnastics have become quite active on their Facebook page in the last week or so coming up to the Commonwealth Games and have become even more active

Are you a bad sports parent?

The Globe and Mail recently posted an article about Michael Taylor, a California-based gymnastics risk-management consultant, who has created a list of dos and don'ts for parents of

Gymnastics & Funding

Over the last few years, the interest in gymnastics seems to have increased. There are many possible reasons for this, obviously Spelbound winning Britains Got Talent has caused

Watch Spelbound’s final performance on BGT

So do you think they did enough to win the competition? Embedding is disabled - View the performance here on YouTube I certainly think so!! The performance was much

Shawn Johnson spreads a positive message about body image

In the last few months there's been chitter chatter and comments on forums and blogs relating to gymnastics physique and look. One gymnast who has been commented on


Spellbound - the Gymnastics display group from Episode 2, Season 4 of Britain's Got Talent. Watch it below or on

Live Blogging from the French International

Click here to read the regular live updates on the Gymnastics Examiner from Podium Training at the French International in Paris this

Little Links 8/4/10

NY Times on Sports Injuries - When to tough it out. Balance training effective at reducing falls and improving function How much water is enough? Nutritionist Amanda Carlson

European Mens Artistic Team Championships

The UEG have announced nominative entries for the 29th European Championships in mens artistic gymnastics. The competition is to be held from April 21st to 25th in Birmingham,

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