Felicia Hano’s Journey—Part 6


By Anna Rose Johnson

Since September 2014, Full Twist has been following the journey of U.S. senior national team member Felicia Hano. Anna Rose Johnson recently spoke with the popular U.S. gymnast to discuss her training status.

Currently, Felicia is recovering from an injury she sustained at the 2015 Secret U.S. Classic. “Recovery is going great so far!” she told us. “I pretty much have all my skills back for the most part! It feels really good to be training all my skills again.”

The UCLA commit explained, “Right now, I’m focusing on getting all my skills back and perfecting them to the best of my abilities.”

Felicia explained, “Unfortunately, my injury has pushed back my training schedule, so I won’t be in competition shape by the Olympic Trials.” Still, she will compete in February 2016, and her goals for training and competition this year are to “just go out there and have fun.” She commented, “Getting injured made me realize how much I love this sport and how I can’t live without it. I’m just so happy to be doing what I love and I want to show that through my gymnastics.”

The 17-year-old remarked that she probably won’t debut any new skills this year. “But hopefully in college I’ll make some more upgrades!”

Felicia added, “I just want to thank everyone for all the overwhelming support!! I couldn’t have overcome this injury without everyone behind me! It honestly means the world to me!”

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