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It’s that time again… before the official roster comes out, everyone likes to have a place to go to look at the confirmed selections for the World Championships. We are tying this list in with our “Meet the Team Selection” series which will introduce you to the selections in the weeks running up to the World Championships in Antwerp, so click on the links below. Remember, this is not a team competition.

So far confirmed we have:




  • AUS: Luke Wiwatowski, Naoya Tsukahara, Prashanth Sellathurai
  • BEL:Jimmy Verbaeys, Daan Kenis, Donna Donny Truyens, Dennis Goossens, Thomas Neuteleers, Kristof Schroe
  • BRA: Arthur Zanetti, Diego Hypolito, Sergio Sasaki, Arthur Nory, Pericles Silva, Francisco Barreto
  • CAN: Kevin Lytwyn, Ken Ikeda, Anderson Loran,Scott Morgan
  • FRA: Samir Aït-Saïd, Axel Augis, Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues, Cyril Tommasone, Hamilton Sabot, Arnaud Willig
  • IRL: Luke Carson, Andrew Smith, Chris O’Connor
  • ISR: Alexander Shatilov, Felix Aronovich, Snir Shoshana, Andrey Medvedev
  • JPN: Kohei Uchimura, Ryohei Kato, Shirai Kenzo, Kazuhito Tanaka, Koji Yamamuro, Kohei Kameyama.
  • KOR: YANG Hak Seon, PARK Min Soo, BAE Ga Ram, KIM Ji Hoon, KIM Hee Hoon, WANG Won Yeong
  • MEX: Javier Balbao, Javier Cervantes, Mario Valdés, Santos Martinez and Daniel Corral (1 spot still to be named)
  • NED: Bart Deurloo, Casimir Schmidt, Jeffrey Wammes, Epke Zonderland, Glenn Smink, Yuri van Gelder
  • RUS: Emin Garibov, Denis Ablyazin, David Belyavskiy, Nikolay Kuksenkov, Mattvei Petrov
  • SLO: Mitjo Petkovška, Saša Bertonclja, Roka Klavoro, Alena Dimica
  • SUI: Claudio Capelli, Pablo Bragger, Oliver Hegi, Christian Baumann, Michael Meier
  • USA: Sam Mikulak, Jake Dalton, Steve Legendre, Alex Naddour, Brandon Wynn, John Orozco.
  • RSA: Michael Makings, Tiaan Grobler, Siphesihle Biyase

Should you know any confirmed teams (not speculation) please leave a comment below and if possible a link to the source of information. Should you like to write any article for our series, please do get in touch , new writers are always welcome. 




  1. Meredith says:

    Australia MAG (confirmed) – Luke Wiwatowski, Naoya Tsukahara, Prashanth Sellathurai.

  2. David says:

    Congratulations to the following gymnasts who have been selected to represent Australia at the 2013 World Championships.

    Prashanth Sellathurai NSW/NSWIS
    Naoya Tsukahara QLD / QHPC
    Luke Wiwatowski VIC / VHPC

    Worth a note is Naoya Tsukahara who was a World Champs all-around medalist for Japan in 1999 (14 years ago!)

  3. Mandarin says:

    RUS MAG : Emin Garibov, Denis Ablyazin, David Belyavskiy, Nikolay Kuksenkov (2 spot still to be named)

  4. Yuha says:

    South Korea (KOR) official

    MAG : YANG Hak Seon, PARK Min Soo, BAE Ga Ram, KIM Ji Hoon, KIM Hee Hoon, WANG Won Yeong

    WAG : SUNG Ji Hye, KIM Ju Ran, PARK Ji Soo (no 4th member)

  5. amikko says:

    MAG CHN – Zhang Hongtao, Zhou Shixiong, Lin Chaopan, You Hao, Liu Yang, Zhang Zhongbo

  6. yarden says:

    ISR – MAG –
    Alexander Shatilov
    Felix Aronovich
    Snir Shoshana
    Andrey Medvedev

  7. yarden says:

    ISR – WAG –
    Ofir Netzer
    Shaked Malec

  8. Bruno says:


    Diego Hypólito
    Sérgio Sasaki
    Arthur Zanetti
    Arthur Nory
    Péricles Silva
    Francisco Barreto

    Daniele Hypólito
    Jade Barbosa
    Letícia Costa

  9. Bruno says:


    Diego Hypólito
    Sérgio Sasaki
    Arthur Zanetti
    Arthur Nory
    Péricles Silva
    Francisco Barreto

    Daniele Hypólito
    Jade Barbosa
    Letícia Costa

  10. Admin says:

    Thank you Bruno!

  11. Admin says:

    Thanks Yarden – can you show me a link where this is confirmed?

  12. Nicholas says:

    Please Russia! put Grishina on this team. cause her elegant and beauty made tha team!

  13. Yordan says:

    When does the nominative registration come out online?

  14. James says:

    Ukraine WAG:
    Olena Vasylieva
    Krystina Sankova
    Angelina Kysla
    Olessa Sazonova

  15. Admin says:

    I have no idea, I know nothing more than you do Yordan.

  16. Admin says:

    Thanks James!

  17. Monica Zalai says:

    Marisa Dick – Trinidad & Tobago

    Bobby Kriangkum – Thailand

    I know this for a fact as they both train at Capital City Gymnastics Center, Edmonton , AB Canada , and the center has announced it and are having a send off party for them before they head to Antwerp this fall :i

  18. Admin says:

    Thank you Monica, you’re very kind!

  19. yarden says:

    I have no link – I was told this info from two insiders – one from the MAG side and another from the WAG side.

    Wasn’t Jade Barbosa injured a month and a half ago, something that required surgery????

    Great to see her on the roster

  20. James says:

    No Australian team will be sent!

    Diana Bulimar
    Larisa Iordache
    Sandra Izbasa

    The last Russian gymnast will either be Anna Rodionova or Victoria Komova.

  21. maahhrie says:

    Afan is out with ankle injury. The team so far: Mustafina, Nabieva and Paseka. Last spot will be decided between Komova and Rodionova.

  22. says:

    Rosanna Ojala will also be competing for Finland

  23. says:

    It’s confirmed that Komova is the 4th gymnast

  24. says:

    It’s confirmed that Komova is in the Russian camp

  25. keepitrealin2013 says:

    USA: McKayla Simone Biles, Brenna Dowell, Maroney & Kyla Ross,

  26. keepitrealin2013 says:

    OOOPS: Simone Biles, Brenna Dowell, McKayla Maroney & Kyla Ross

  27. Grace says:

    AUT- Lisa Ecker, Elisa Haemmerle, Jasmin Mader
    CZE- Alice Janova, Krystina Palesova
    DEN- Mette Hulgaard, Michelel Lauritsen, Mathilde Kird, Sarah el Dabagh
    ESP- Roxana Popa, Silvia Colussi, Cintia Rodriguez
    POL- Marta Pihan-Kulesza, Paula Plichta
    UZB- Dilnoza Abdusalimova, Oksana Chusovitina, Asal Saparbaeva

  28. Admin says:

    Wow Grace, thanks for all of this information! Ill update this when on back from my trip abroad

  29. Malorie says:

    The official list of competitors is out:
    – Anna Rodionova confirmed as the fourth Russian gymnast
    – Stefania Stanila will take Diana Bulimar’s spot on the Romanian team
    – Surprisingly, no Guatemalan gymnasts (I was expected Ana Sofia Gomez Porras to go)

  30. Admin says:

    Thanks Malorie, have been abroad with limited wifi up until now

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