Team & Qualification Results: 2015 Summer Universiade


The 2015 Summer World University Games (or Universiade) are taking place in Gwangju, South Korea from July 3 to July 14, 2015.

WAG – full results here

Women’s Team Results

  1. Russia 165.500
  2. Japan 162.450
  3. Republic of Korea 160.400
  4. Malaysia 152.400
  5. Australia 128.900

Women’s All Around Qualifiers

  1. A Filipa Martins POR 54.950
  2. P Fedorova RUS  54.850
  3. K Simm GBR 54.800
  4. A Teramoto JPN 54.300
  5. N Sasada JPN 53.850
  6. Heo Seon Mi KOR 53.850
  7. EUM Da Yoeon KOR 53.450
  8. D Elizarova RUS 53.150
  9. F Abdul MAS 52.900
  10. D Abdusalimova MAS 52.850
  11. E Nedov AUS 52.600
  12. C Cummins RSA 51.000
  13. TAN Ing Yueh MAS 49.800
  14. S Penker AUT 48.650
  15. C Horvat SLO 48.150
  16. M Vazquez MEX 48.125
  17. S Braaten NOR 45.550
  18. E Geurts NED 44.300

Vault Qualifiers

  1. M Paseka RUS 14.900
  2. K Simm GBR 14.125
  3. TAN Ing Yueh MAS 13.725
  4. D Elizarova RUS 13.650
  5. F Abdul MAS 13.600
  6. D Abdusalimova UZB 13.375
  7. M Vasquez MEX 13.300
  8. J Rae NZL 13.200

Floor Qualifiers

  1. P Fedorova RUS 14.100
  2. K Simm GBR 13.900
  3. D Elizarova RUS 13.800
  4. A Teramoto JPN 13.700
  5. F Abdul MAS 13.550
  6. A Filipa Martins POR 13.550
  7. N Sasada JPN 13.500
  8. Park Ji Soo KOR 13.250

Beam Qualifiers

  1. N Sasada JPN 14.250
  2. E Nedov AUS 14.000
  3. P Fedorova RUS 13.850
  4. Y Minobe JPN 13.800
  5. Park Ji Soo KOR 13.650
  6. A Filipa Martins POR 13.550
  7. D Abdusalimova UZB 13.500
  8. Eum Da Yeon KOR 13.200

Bars Qualifiers

  1. K Kramarenko RUS 14.800
  2. M Paseka RUS 14.500
  3. Heo Seon Mi KOR 13.950
  4. A Filipa Martins POR 13.850
  5. G-R Brown AUS 13.800
  6. A Teramoto JPN 13.800
  7. K Simm GBR 13.800
  8. Eum Da Yeon KOR 13.600



  1. xexeo says:

    An authentic master stroke, Kelly Simm supplanted Ana Felipa Martins and was champion in all-around today in Gwangju. She who had qualified third, showed that it is the current british champion on merit. The surprise was the double Niponica, Asuka Teramoto – now with two silver – and Natsuko Sasada, now with a silver and a bronze. Japan attends the podiums of the Universiade for more than 60 years, but the last gold medal was in the 1960s.
    THE GOOD SURPRISES – Ana Martins Felipa had a double dynamic that armored Simm and not let her get on the podium. But a podium in a competition like this is a matter of time.
    Oozing charisma, Abdul Benti, of Malaysia, reached an unprecedented feat tenth to sixth place.
    Carmen Horvat rose from the seventeenth to thirteenth place.
    Emma Nedov increased production, the twelfth to eighth place.
    The disappointments – Polina Fedorova with a guaranteed podium, dropped to fifth place and could no longer move forward, making mistakes. Daria Elizarova reached its ceiling – seventh – and was the biggest disappointment, as had most experienced gymnasts to face the opponents. The silver of the house vanished, Seon Mi Heo falling from sixth to ninth place and Da Yeon Eum from seventh to tenth to first place. Dilnoza Abdusalimova reached its ceiling – tenth. Simone Penker rose from sixteenth to fourteenth, ie your roof is in the intermediate zone, where there are no major opponents. Mariana Vasques, the only of the Americas in the final, fell from the sixteenth to the eighteenth. Claudia Cummins reached its ceiling also – thirteenth to twelfth. Unlike Abdul, Ing Tan parked in fifteenth place. Sofie Braaten and Elizabeth Geurts dispute penultimate and last places.

  2. xexeo says:

    No direct opponent, Maria Paseka can take the second gold in the vault. The all-around champion by Kelly Simm and colleague Daria Elizarova can surprise. Close the start list Ing Tan, Dilmoza Abdusalimova, Mariana Vasques – the only of the Americas in the final – Simone Penker and Benti Abdul.
    BARS: REDEMPTION FOR Kramarenko?
    In an age where too few gymnasts can significant results – see Lieke Wevers in the I European Games in Baku – Ekaterina Kramarenko can have your chance of gold in bars. Beside her, Maria Paseka, who can close as the best gymnast of the event, garnering one silver. Ana Felipa Martins to your favorite handset can surprise. Close the start list Simm, Georgia Brown, a silver double Da Yeon Eum and Seon Mi Heo and Asuka Teramoto.
    It does not have a favorite, and as in Baku, who does not fall or make mistakes, you can take the gold. Ji Soo Park, Eum, Emma Nedov, Natsumi Sasada, Abdusalimova, Polina Fedorova, Yu Minobe and Martins.
    Here we do not have favorites. Simm, Teramoto, Sasada, Fedorova, Park, Martins, Elizarova and Abdul ending the competition.

  3. xexeo says:

    tours Gwangju
    Maria Paseka is back to the good times and also shared the scene with Polina Fedorova and Daria Elizarova. Who will go to Glasgow?
    Japanese team back to the good times of the 1960s, although traditionally the silver medal is that more often takes the Nipponese the podium. Able to return to record Miyuki Matsuhisa and break a taboo of never having a medal in a World Cup?
    South Korea is gone and the bronze by teams was a special treat for the lack of competition.
    Kelly Simm is the current british champion on merit. Have own light in October?
    Ana Felipa Martins is “the” gymnast Portugal. Will make history again in Glasgow?
    Binti Abdul miss is the friendliness of the Universiade. But the results not to accredit an unprecedented medal in the World. Things gym.

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