Dangerous landings for gymnasts



Video quick tip! The rates of traumatic knee injuries like ACL tears is alarmingly high for developing female athletes, with young gymnasts being especially vulnerable. ACL tears are also one of the biggest issues in collegiate gymnastics. We must make sure we recognize and correct faulty landing mechanics early, especially in single leg landings which subject the knee to enormous force if not properly dispersed. Here are two examples of these dangerous landings in slow motion, along with a prehab side station I got from Gray Cooks work I put in regularly for our beam workouts. Make sure the gymnast is trying to maintain good knee alignment and moves slowly, as the band helps feed the error and forces the gymnast to react against it. Being aware of the issue is the one piece to the puzzle along side proper strengthening, fatigue management, and reactive dynamic control work.

Posted by on Wednesday, 8 July 2015

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