Trampolining World Record Attempt


On the 15th of July the aim will be to set a new world record in trampolining in Ireland. The University of Limerick in conjunction with Delta SoccerDome, are hosting a record attempt to complete The Most Somersaults on a Trampoline in 24 hrs. Currently, the Guinness World Record is held by 20 people, split between 2 trampolines, doing a minimum of 70,000 somersaults in 24 hours. Dizzy!?!

The event is being run as a fundraiser in line with Limerick being the European City of Sport 2011. The main beneficiaries of the fundraising are Mid West Spina Bifida (On behalf of Delta SoccerDome™) and Milford Hospice (On behalf of UL Trampoline and Gymnastics Club).

2 teams will be on each trampoline at any one time, rotating out one team every 30 minutes. This means that the teams will be bouncing for an hour with an hour and a half rest on each rotation. Each trampolinist / gymnast will be required to do 25 somersaults every time they are on the trampoline – in total 3,500 somersaults over the course of the 24 hour event.

Gymnasts and trampolinists can get in touch if you would like to take part in the attempt,  send an email to . The public are invited to come and watch the attempt which begins at 1pm on Friday 15th of July and will finish at 1pm on Saturday July 16th at the Delta SoccerDome, Ballysimon Road, Limerick. DOnations and sponsorship are most welcome for the 2 great causes.

You can find more information on the 24 Hour Bounce website.


  1. Rob Fuller says:

    By my calculations, using 2 trampolines, achieving 70,000 somersaults in 24 hours, will require between 24 and 25 somersaults per minute per trampoline. So when you hop on the trampoline to do your 25 somersaults, you need to be off again within the minute. Each of the 20 participants will need to do this 140 times in the course of the 24 hours – on average, about once every 10 minutes.

    Sounds like there will be 4 teams of 5 gymnasts. Each team will do 6 of the “1 minute on, 4 minutes off” rotations, followed by a 30 minute break.

    Yes, it does sound dizzying!

  2. Trampoline Central fully support this world record attempt. We are confident all the trampolinists involved will work hard to ensure they achieve their goals, hopefully smashing the world record and raising a healthy contribution to Mid West Spina Bifida and Milford Hospice.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes

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