Northern Europeans 2015


Gymnastics Ireland will host the 2015 edition of the Northern Europeans, this weekend, September 18th and 19th in the University of Limerick Sports Arena.

Confirmed nations to compete in the WAG competition are: Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Isle of Man, Faroe Islands, Scotland, Wales, Denmark and Finland. Confirmed to be competing in the MAG competition are: Norway, Finland, Faroe Islands, Wales, Isle of Man, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Ireland.

Competition Schedule

Saturday 18th September (All Around and Team Competition)

  • 9.10 – 12.25pm Subdivision 1: (WAG = Iceland, Norway, Isle of Man, Faroe Islands, Scotland. MAG = Norway, Isle of Man, Wales, Faroe Islands, Finland)
  • 1:45 – 6:10pm Subdivision 2: (WAG = Wales, Ireland, Denmark, Finland. MAG = Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Ireland)
  • 6.20pm Medal Presentation

Sunday 19th September (Individual Apparatus Competition)

  • 10.25 – 10.54am: MAG Floor
  • 10.54 – 11.23am: WAG Vault & MAG Pommel Horse
  • 11.23 – 11.52am: MAG Rings & WAG Bars
  • 12.50 – 1.19pm: MAG Vault
  • 1.19 – 1.48pm: WAG Beam & MAG Parallel Bars
  • 1.48 – 2.17pm: WAG Floor & MAG High Bar
  • 2.30pm: Medal Presentation


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