2014 Celtic Cup & Commonwealth Invitational


The annual artistic Celtic Cup competition will take place this weekend in Perth, Scotland. The event is for both MAG and WAG Minors and Juniors from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man. Despite our efforts in contacting Scottish Gymnastics (SG) we have not been successful in receiving a full participants list, nor is any information avaialble except the competition times. Only the Irish delegation appears to have been published, with the Gymnastics Northern Ireland website disappeared, the Isle of Man gymnastics website has not been updated since July 2013 and no information on the Welsh Gymnastics website. It is clear however that the fantastic Louise McColgan will not be competing for Scotland weekend as she recovers from injury.

** Edit 25/4/14 – We have received a participants list from an alterntive source (thank you)***

WAG Minor:


  • Li Ling Martin
  • Meg Ryan
  • Aisling Fuller
  • Emma Slevin
  • Shauna Kelly
  • Niamh Hutchinson


  • Masie Methuen
  • Latalia Bevan
  • Holly Jones
  • Jolie Ruckley
  • Emily Thomas


Northern Ireland

  • Orlaith Watson
  • Rebecca Geddis
  • Lauren Lamont
  • Zoe Boal


WAG Junior:

  • Niamh Rogers
  • Denise Moloney
  • Jessica Ryan
  • Amy O’Neill
  • Katie O’Hara
  • Emer Shimizu


  • Sasha Winton
  • Annalise Evans
  • Hana Davies
  • Lizzie Dare
  • Rebecca Moore
  • Harriet Moore

Isle of Man

  • Tara Donnelly
  • Kaitlin Kneen
  • Isabella Hester
  • Chloe Donnelly
  • Ciara Goddard
  • Lauren Kilrush


  • Isabella Tolometti
  • Sofia Ramzan
  • Lisa Chandler
  • Gaynor McGiffen
  • Hayley Bell

Northern Ireland

  • Ellis O’Reilly
  • Casey Bell
  • Hannah Morrison
  • Hannah Leckey


  • Sarah MacKenzie
  • Isla Warr
  • Lucy Orr
  • Megan Morrison
  • Rosa Holm – Huxley

MAG Minor:


  • Damien Feller
  • Morgan Girvin
  • Conor McGrath
  • Luke Walsh
  • Illya Babkin
  • Guy O’Rourke-Walker

Northern Ireland

  • Matthew Devlin
  • David Martellu
  • Anthony Hanrahan
  • Ronan McCroy
  • Eamon Montgomery
  • Aaron Nutt


  • Joshua Lincoln
  • Rory Smith
  • Kerr McKie
  • Adam Logan
  • Euan McLellan
  • Khuzaymah Saddique


  • Emile Barber
  • Josh Cook
  • Cameron Sindon
  • Morgan Jones
  • Jacob Edwards
  • Liam Tanner

Isle of Man

  • Callum Kewley
  • Joshua Morrison

MAG Junior


  • Stephen Tonge
  • Kelvin Cham
  • David Weir
  • Jamie Carpenter
  • Lewis Cowie
  • Connor Rajek

Isle of Man

  • Anthony Duchars
  • Gleen Yates
  • Nick Harvey
  • Robert Jones

Northern Ireland

  • Jack Neill
  • Rhys McClenaghan
  • Ewan McAteer


  • Benjamin Eyre


The Celtic Cup is being held this year in conjunction with the Commonwealth Invitational, organised by Scottish Gymnastics. Again SG have not released any details apart from the schedule but we have also received the participants list from a source:



  • Terry Tay Wei -an
  • Gabriel Gan Zi Jie
  • Jufrie Aizat Bin Muhammad
  • Timothy Tay Kai Cheng


Northern Ireland

  • Matthew Cosgrave
  • Luke Carson


Trinidad & Tobago

  • William Albert


Isle of Man

  • Brandon Garrett



  • Georgallas Irodotos
  • Papavripidou Xenios
  • Aristeloys Panagiotis
  • Loukaides Stefanos



  • Liam Davie
  • Adam Cox
  • Douglas Ross
  • Daniel Iley
  • Ryan McKee



  • Robert Sansby
  • Grant Gardiner
  • Joseph Rowland
  • Iwan Mepham
  • Clinton Purnell
  • Jac Davies
  • Harry Owen
  • Matthew Hennessey



  • Hairi Zaid Bin Ahmas Sauji
  • Mohd Hamzarudin Bin Nordin



  • Asish Kumar
  • Rakesh Patra
  • Abhijit Shinde
  • Sanjay Barman
  • Chandan Pathak


Northern Ireland

  • India McPeak
  • Sarah Beck
  • Nicole Mawhinney
  • Emma Gorman
  • Ciara Roberts



  • Adreana Jo Zammit
  • Kirsty Rosalind Caruana
  • Peppijna Dalli



  • Cara Kennedy (Scotland B)
  • Jordan Archibald (Scotland B)
  • Emma White
  • Carly Smith
  • Beth McKellar
  • Erin McLachlan
  • Kirsty Campbell



  • Gabby Vincent
  • Zantae Dill
  • Sydeney Mason
  • Tabytha Hofheins


Trinidad & Tobago

  • Marisa Dick



  • Dipa Karmakar
  • Rucha Divecar
  • Shravani Raut
  • Praniti Das
  • Dwija Asher



  • Farah Ann Abd. Hadi
  • Tracie Ang
  • Ing Yueh Tan
  • Nur Eli Ellina Azimi
  • Li Wen, Rachel Yeho

Isle of Man

  • Grace Harrison
  • Aoife Donnelly
  • Nicole Burns
  • Emily Dale- Beeton



Friday Evening:

  • Doors Open (18.00pm)
  • Celtic Cup Minors: 18.45-20.15pm


  • Doors Open (9.00am)
  • Celtic Cup Juniors: 9.40-11.15am
  • Commonwealth Invitational: 12.40 – 17.35pm


  • Doors Open (10.00am)
  • Commonwealth Invitational Apparatus Finals:
  • Session 1 = 11.00 – 12.00pm
  • Session 2 = 12.40 – 13.40pm


  1. R. N. MANGLA says:

    I am looking for the results of Commonwealth Gymnastics Invitational Competition being held at Perth from 25-27th April 2014. Can you provide me the results or the web-site where these results are available.Please send at my e-mail
    R Mangla

  2. Admin says:

    your comment was posted before the event even started.

  3. xexeo says:

    The class of slanted eyes and lay rolled in Osijek today. Phan Thi turn to be the ghost of Doha last year, beating the favorite Giulia Steingruber, who preferred not to risk it and took silver. Teja Belak packaged by the excellent results of Ljubljana, took the bronze. The disappointment was again Boczogo Dorina, who opened the competition, but was falling and not only became the last placed because of the fall of Hong Un Jong. In bars, Mi Yong Kong took the gold, with Noemi Makra silver and bronze Singmuang Swedish Kim, honoring Sweden. Disappointments of the fall Jonna Adlerteg the Swedish bichampion and again Ilaria Kaeslin who finished last.

  4. Devesh kumar says:

    Cn I know d results of appratus final of invitational championship at perth now

  5. Admin says:

    your comment was posted before the competition began – see the results here https://fulltwist.net/results-commonwealth-invitational-efs-2014/

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