Zonderland & Masela for London Olympics


Late last week the Dutch National Gymnastics Federation named Epke Zonderland and Wyomi Masela as their representatives at the London 2012 Olympics. Things are now heating up in the Netherlands since the announcement, as Jeffrey Wammes who competed alongside Zonderland at the Olympic Test Event last month is said to be taking legal action against the KNGU. Wammes scored 2 points lower than Zonderland at the Test Event in the All Around competition and feels that he deserves the one Olympic spot that the Dutch are entitled to. Wammes and his lawyer Paul Scholten plan to challenge the Federations decision in court in the coming months.

Let’s here from you, who do you think should represent the Netherlands in London? Epke Zonderland or Jeffrey Wammes? In the past, Zonderland has proven himself as the more successful gymnast internationally. Leave a comment below.

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  1. Heather McKenna says:

    Definitely Zonderland. He is such an exciting gymnast. I’m actually into women’s gymnastics because of my daughter and rarely watch the men’s but I know who this guy is & love to watch him!

  2. I would hate to be in Wammes’ position but it has got to be Zonderland. If a country one has one spot it makes sense to send the athlete with the greatest chance of winning a medal or making a final. An athlete winning an Olympic medal is best way to gain publicity for gymnastics in that country and encourage the growth of the sport. This in turn promotes increasing funding and participation and subsequently the likelihood of a nation being able to qualify an entire team in the future.

  3. Paige Kreps says:

    I’ve always been a bigger fan of Zonderland; I would definitely pick him over Wammes. He is more flashy; he’s a star; he’s more experienced. He has the best chance of medalling, possibly on High Bar and Parallel Bars. With news of Wammes trying to sue, Epke definitely deserves it more- Wammes is disrespectful. Yes, he is a better all-arounder, but Zonderland I think would perform better at the Olympics. Congrats to the Flying Dutchman 🙂 <3

  4. Andrea says:

    Zonderland. The rules do not say that the country must choose the gymnast with the higher all around score, so Wammes does not have a case.

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