Shawn Johnson – Dancing with the Stars


I’m not one for these dancing shows but Shawn Johnson is looking great on Dancing With The Stars, she sure has the advantage over other contestants with her background in gymnastics.

Louis Smith takes to the British show “Strictly Come Dancing” on Saturday.


  1. katrina says:

    Actually, her gymnastics doesn’t really help her much in Dancesport (competitive ballroom dancing). It only really helps her in one dance, Jive. Being an athlete helps her in general but the gymnastics really doesn’t 🙂

  2. Rien says:

    Actually it does help. Gymnastics is a lot more than just tricks and flips. I’m sure Shawn, as most gymnasts have, has had a fair share of dance training. I know I had daily dance class as a gymnast and even if she did not learn the specifics of ballroom dance she did learn the fundamentals of which most dance forms are based. Not to mention flexibility, timing, rhythm, the performance aspect, the grace and many other things that say a pole vaulter or rower or basketball player would not have.

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