Results & Videos: Russian National Championships 2013 AA


Results via International Gymnast. There were 51 competitors in the WAG competition and 50 in the Men’s – huge!

Videos of many of the WAG routines can be found and



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  1. keepitrealin2013 says:

    Did I miss something? I think Mustafina was scored based on her name & status, not by what she executed. I think she is a very beautiful gymnast and one of the best gymnasts that have come out of Russia since Khorkina, but come on her vault & beam were nowhere near the scores they gave her. I think was over scored on those two apps and under scored on bars. I think she is one the best female gymnast on UB aside from Liukin & yes this includes Komova, but I don’t think she deserved any of the scores she got on VT, BB, FX (to be quite honest). -.500 deduction on vault? Her knees were bent and the double twist was not clean and she had more than shoulder length in her step back this is way more than -.500 in deduction. Somewhat of a new floor routine and it look like it was not rehearsed. Her double or 2.5 twist to a forward layout, the landing was not cute, and yet she scored the second highest of any female in the AA behind Afanasyeva? Then she had way too many balance checks on beam & it was not anything like a flowing movement according to code of points & she scores a 15.450. I’m not trying to pick a fight with anyone (Rien), but we all have to be honest, setting our who we all like personally Mustafina was over scored. I’m starting to think the only girl capable of taking her down in Russia is Komova and she’s out with back issues so 50 other girls weren’t capable of doing this?

  2. Rien says:

    I actually agree with you!! However I dont think she was over scored because of her name. And even if she was scored , in my opinion, fairly, she still would have won. And I don’t think anyone will take her down, or has to. I mean as much as you may hate her because she is russian or for whatever reason, you have to admit she is a phenomenal gymnast. I mean one more world medal and she will edge out Nastia for the most sucessful gymnast since the 10 pt scoring system. They are currently tied at 7. Thats pretty badass not to even mention she tore her acl and mcl. But you are right the scoring seemed off. But Afanaseyvas vault I dont think was worthy of a 15.2. Just my opinion :)

  3. Rien says:

    Also I just realizes that I based my judgements on the videos linked above which are from the tf not aa. Idk if those were the routines you were talking about or if you saw the competition elsewhere but my bad. I take back what I said. Her beam that was posted on the couch gymnast was actually quite lovely but possibly still a bit overscored.

  4. keepitrealin2013 says:

    @ Rien: First off no one EVER says based on the new scoring system or ever since the 10 scoring system. Gymnasts are judge on their over haul in their career. Nastia wasn’t able to compete in the new scoring system in 05. Which if she did she still would have claimed all of the medals collected. Nastia has more WORLD & OLYMPIC Medals than Mustafina. As it sits Nastia 11 World & Olympic Medals to Mustafina’s 07, this does not include team. Regardless of which scoring system used Aliya has to over haul Nastia’s total count to mean something. Nastia has the most medals collected in the new millennium. If one breaks it down by Olympic Medals Nastia wins that with 04 then Liukin & Khorkina share world’s with 07 medals. I don’t know where you come up with certain things but I NEVER said I hated Russia or Russian gymnast. I was NOT allowing you to bash American & Romanian gymnastics by saying Mustafina and Russian gymnasts are better and make up these start values based off what you think. I read your comments & you seem to be the one that has a problem with someone based on Nationality or region. Those two teams which are the most outstanding teams to date in Olympic & Worlds country wise (USA/ROM/RUS) NOT (USSR or UNI). What EVERYONE seems to forget is the Soviet Union was Russia, Ukraine and Belarus not just Russia. This is why their program (RUS) took a huge hit with the collapse of the Soviets; they lost two other nations and the huge funding from their government. Ukraine took the women’s all around in the 96 games and that was after the break up, Russia has yet to do so. Romania has seen the podium at every Olympic Games as a team since 1976 (76 Silver/80 Silver/84 Gold/88 Silver/92 Silver/96 Bronze/00 Gold/04 Gold/08 Bronze/12 Bronze). They have posted 2 AA champions. The USA has seen the podium at every games since the 92 Olympic and that’s not including the two times the won (Bronze 48 & Silver 84) (92 Bronze/96 Gold/00 Bronze/04 Silver/ 08 Silver/ 12 Gold). The US has posted 04 AA champions and 03 are back to back wins (04 Patterson/ 08 Liukin/ 12 Douglas) which is the only country to do so. RUSSIA NOT the Unified or Soviet Team hasn’t had a gold medal since 2000 w/Khorkina then Mustafina broke that in 2012. Russia did not become an independent Nation until after 1992 games where they were known as the Unified team. Russia has an independent Nation is not as hot as female gymnasts. Their most successful gymnast is Khorkina NOT Mustafina. SO Russia is not better than the USA or Romanian. Then let’s venture to Worlds Romania Aurelia (87) & Maria(99). USA has Zmeskal (91) Miller (93 & 94) Memmel (06) Johnson (07) Sloan (09) Wieber (11). Russia (Khorkina 97, 01 & 03) Mustafina (10). So the USA has more than Romania and Russia put together. Team wise Romania has been on the podium from 78 to 03 then in 07 (06 of them are gold). USA from 91 to 11 (03 are gold) Russia 01. So your facts are once again getting you nowhere, the video footage I seen linked to this site is what I was talking about, Mustafina’s beam, vault and floor were over scored based on the videos posted here. Unlike you I don’t cyber stock gymnasts. All will play out once again at these coming worlds and then we can have this discussion again, and looking at Mustafina based on the footage to date Mustafina has her work cut out for her. The playing field just didn’t die out because of the 2012 games. 03 of the Fab 05 are coming back (Wieber, Ross & Maroney), Douglas heads back to the gym in Spring Raisman after DWTS. Then you have Katelyn & Elizabeth wanting to be on the world’s team. Then Romania brings back their whole Olympic team. Then we have China so this is once again anyone’s game, so stop jumping the gun and saying on after these worlds Mustafina will claim something that hasn’t already happened.

  5. keepitrealin2013 says:

    And another fact Nastia Liukin has the highest score EVER posted on the new scoring system or after the 10 at an International level “16.900 Uneven Bars Team Finals 08 Games.”

  6. keepitrealin2013 says:

    Also let me correct myself Russia claimed sliver in the 01 world’s so they collected 02 medals since the break up!

  7. Rien says:

    Omg what is your problem. All I was saying is that you cannot deny that Musty is a fantastic gymnast. You say you dont have any country biased but if you can’t see that then you most certainly do. Also you are comparing routines and scores that don’t match. You have not seen the routines for which she got those scores to how are you gonna judge how she was scored??? You didn’t even take the time to watch the video of the routine you are claiming to be over scored. I hope you see a problem with that. You my friend are everything that is wrong with the gymnastics world. You can’t take the time to back up your opinions. And you can’t recognize a good gymnast despite other country of origin. And before you say anything about me. I love Russian gymnastics. But I also love the Romanians. And the Chinese. Don’t really like the Australians but I do have much respect for Laure Mitchell. And I love the Italians. And Bross is my favorite gymnast ever as well as Biles and Finnegan and Vega. I will no longer reply to your ignorant biased comments. I refuse to argue with someone who is too biased o even watch the routine before judging it…and I’ll save you some time by saying I flat out won’t read anything you reply so don’t waste your time. Good day :)

  8. Clare says:

    I totally agree. No knowledgeable gymnastics enthusiast would deny that the Russians have produced many of the worlds greatest gymnasts. And not commending Mustafina for her accomplishments is crazy. She can easily, and in my opinion, definitely will pass Liukins medal count. The fact that she came back from an ACl injury to win the most medals in women’s gym at the Olympics says a lot. I love USA gymnastics as well I just think its crazy that someone can try to tear her down so much when in fact she is fantastic. And you didn’t even watch her routines (correct me if I’m wrong, your writing is rather confusing) before judging her.

  9. keepitrealin2013 says:

    @ Rien regardless if you read this or I’m still coming back at you. You’re actually the problem. Once again I said I think she was over scored and they went by her name and status. I never said that it was fact or proof. Once again I stated fact on Nastia vs Aliya and you trying to say that she only had x amount of medals to collect before she beats Nastia, You can not compare the two why because Nastia has claimed more medals national and international than Aliya has within her firt two years as a Senior. Then I think you need to re-think your whole life and read your comments you have place here or thruoghout this website and see who the one that has the problem is. You get read by multiple people. I told you I didn’t want to start a war and then you once again don’t read and then start one. You need the help not me. I state fact when I can, you just make up things! Startvalues, how one is based on medal during a certain time period, looking at certain footage because you seen it here.

  10. HSL says:

    Omg this conversation is too funny. What I dont understand is for Keepitreall whatever, You said you didnt even watch Aliyas videos from the AA….So how the hell are you gonna judge her???? Do you see the problem. I think that is what Rien is trying to say. You just jump to judge someone without even watching them!!!!!! And also you said that you cant compare Aliya and Nastia…????? You can compare any gymnast. Nastia has 11 world/o medals. Aliya has 7 and assuming she does not retire until 2016, she has a great chance of getting a few more. Yes Nastia is a fantastic gymnast, I mean duhh shes russian, but that doesnt mean she is incomparable to anyone, especially since Aliya is likely to overtake her. and Rien, how can you not like the Australians???? They have come so far in gymnastics. Just saying…

  11. Rien says:

    I just reread everything you wrote and I have some key points to say.
    1. You stated that I started a war. Reread my first sentence I wrote. ” I actually agree with you!!!” Remind me how that is starting a war???!!! You just didnt read anything I had to say and attacked me.
    2. Then you state that “Noone ever compared gymnasts during the new code” WRONGGGGG The 10 point system is SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT, if you knew anything about gymnastics youd know that.
    3. You then go on some rant about russia and romania, something about the ussr idk I didnt read it, but WTF does that have to do with anything I wrote about Musty. Did I say Russia is Gods gift to gymnastics? NO Did I say that they are unbeatable?? NO Did I say that they were better than the USA?? NO I didnt even say the word Russia or the USA so why did you bring that up.
    4. Then you felt the random need to announce that Nastia has the highest score ever blah blah blah who cares was I talking about her? NO ( Not to mention that He kexin has scored higher than that in a national competition…Oh and she got Gold :)
    5. You admitted that you think Aliya was overscored due to her name alone with NO PROOF WHATSOEVER. Well I think coulds are made of cotton candy even though I have no proof whatsoever I am going to try to instill my thoughts on everyone else. Do you see the problem here? That would be like me saying well I think Nastia has been overscored even though I have never seen her routine just because of her name….Like no
    6. You said that I cannot compare Nastia and Aliya because ” Nastia has won more medals than Aliya has in her first two years being a senior”. So that means that whenever I want to compare a gymnast to Nastia, I can only compare their first two years that they were a senior??? Like WTF is that.
    7. You said ” I state fact whenever I can you just make things up” Remind me how ” I think Aliya is overscored because of her name even though I didnt watch the routines” Is fact…….Youre telling me I make stuff up?????!!!!?????!!!! You just made up nearly everything you wrote, besides the whole slew of numbers you threw out about romania and whatever, which I probably should check considering you had to correct yourself. But I dont have time for that nor do I really care because I genuinely think there is something missing from your brain. I feel really bad for you. I hope that you can learn a bit from this as to how insane you sound and how often you contradict yourself. Oh and sorry for lying and saying I wouldnt read your last post. It was just too funny to pass up. I am thoroughly entertained by your ignorance. Please take that as a compliment.

  12. keepitrealin2013 says:

    RIen: Once again you show your INGNORANCE! National Competitions are not the same as an international competition. Mustafina’s scores reflect that this also applied to Maddie Larson in 2010 nationals when she scored a higher score then Beth did at worlds. Wiebers beam scores higher at National competition vs international. Of course He will score higher on her on turf or in her own country in a National competition. Countries tend to be more relaxed with scoring when it’s their gymnast are performing. Nastia Liukin has the highest score given to ANY FEMALE at international competition. 16.900. He’s highest score was a 16.850 at an international competition. Both these ladies have achieved this in team finals at 08 games. CHECK YOUR FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did read your whole comment and yes you did say you agree, then you went on some left turn journey about what you viewed on some other site. Then Aliya only having to obtain one more medal and she has Nastia beat, which is a bunch of BS. I didn’t ask what you seen I was going by the videos linked here. If you don’t want to keep this going then don’t reply to anything I post. You’re not going to win. I think Aliya, Victoria and Kseniia are very beautiful gymnasts, but they have their weaknesses like these other gymnasts you claim they are better than and as it stands Aliya & Victoria have yet to prove they can take down the new field of seniors. I will give it to Aliya in 2010 she had them all beat, but she seems not able to take down the new seniors. Lost 12 games AA title to Gabby, 12 Europeans AA title to Larissa, 12 Nationals AA title to Victoria, 11 Amercian cup (International event) AA title to Jordyn. Victoria lost 11 Worlds AA title to Wieber and 12 Games AA title to Gabby. They are very good on UB but we all know the highest prize or award they all want is the AA title. That stamps them as being the best in the field at that competition.

  13. Rien says:

    Remind me when I said that He Kexin scored higher than Nastia in an international competition….OH WAIT. I DIDNT SAY THAT. I SAID NATIONAL COMPETITION THEREFORE MY FACTS ARE CORRECT. Also INGNORANCE is not a word therefore you just demonstrated your ignorance.
    ONCE AGAIN I WILL EXPLAIN HOW WRONG YOU ARE BECAUSE YOU ARE DUMB AS I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT. You stated you thought Aliya was overscored based on the videos you saw here. The videos you saw here are from the TEAM FINAL. The scores posted are from the AA FINAL. TWO DIFFERENT COMPETITIONS. Therefore you are saying that Aliya was overscored EVEN THOUGH YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT SHE SCORED DURING THE TEAM FINAL. So basically you are saying, no matter what score she got, she was overscored. Which is biased. Do you understand why noone knowledgeable in gymnastics would respect anything you have to say.
    You have got to be joking. Remind me again who I claimed Aliya, Vika and Ksenia were better than. Cause that never happened. You are delusional.
    THE ONLY AMERICAN WITH MORE MEDALS IS NASTIA LIUKIN…..You were the one to say that a gymnasts success is solely measured by their medal count. Gabby one ONE medal at the games…Aliya won 3. Larissa didnt win one. Aliya won 3. Wieber didnt even qualify for the AA. Aliya not only did but she medaled. Again Wieber didnt even qualify for the AA Vika did and medaled. AND ALIYA WAS OUT FOR OVER A YEAR WITH AN INJURY. NAME ONE OTHER GYMNAST WHO HAS DONE THAT. You are literally senile. What more can the girl do. AA title. CHECK. Team title, CHECK. Vault medal, CHECK, Uneven bars champion, CHECK. Beam medal, CHECK. Floor medal, CHECK. Most decorated gymnast male or female at an olympic games, CHECK. Medaling in 4 out of 5 events during a single WC, CHECK. The first gymnast ever to come back from an ACL injury to medal 4 times in an OG, CHECK. Remind me again how you are winning this debate. You literally have to be crazy to not admit she is a great gymnast… point blank period. Also it seems I have others on my side. Sooooo pretty sure I am winning :)
    To HSL, I do like how far australian gymnastics has come its just simply not my favorite haha.

  14. keepitrealin2013 says:

    Rien: Actually your not. She won all that and has yet to show the world she can beat Victoria, Gabby and Jordyn in the all around. I NEVER said she wasn’t good this is what makes you STUPID. I’m not worried because it will all play out yet again and Aliya will not be walking around with that AA title in 2013 WORLDS. So let that be that and go cyber stalk Aliya some more.

  15. arellis78 says:

    @ Rien & Keepinitreal2013, (Rien) I see you’re making more friends (LOL) actually “keepinitrealin2013)” is right about the highest scores I did research and an International competition has to have more than two countries present for it to be international. This does not include providence(s) or state(s). The 03 most popular international competitions are Europeans, Worlds and the Olympic Games. If anyone can find an INTERNATIONAL competition where scores higher than the ones listed below please feel free to chime in? So with that said the highest score ever given to a female is Nastia Liukin 16.9000 team finals 2008 Summer Games (Olympics).
    Highest vault score: 15.650 Un Jong Hong (PRK/Peoples Republic of Korea) 08’ Games
    Highest Uneven Bars Score: 16.900 Nastia Liukin (USA/United States of America) 08’ Games
    Balance Beam: 16.225 Shawn Johnson (USA/United States of America) 08’ Games
    Floor Excerise: 15.650 Sandra Izbasa (ROM/ Romania) 08’ Games
    It’s obvious that they have gotten stricter with judging but these scores were given at an International level with the new scoring system. The only person that came anywhere near these scores was Alexandra/Aly Raisman with her floor exercise 15.600 at the 2012 Games. Meaning Sandra was 15.650 and Aly was 15.600

  16. keepitrealin2013 says:

    Also Jordyn Wieber didn’t make the AA because two other American gymnasts scored higher than her and all 3 AMERICANS including Jordyn ranked higher than Aliya Not because she didn’t have the skill, we all know the fight for gold would have went down between Gabby, Victoria and Jordyn.
    01) Victoria 02) Aly 03) Gabby 04) Jordyn 05) Aliya
    Then the rules applied by the FIG made it so that there can only be one person for each medal. But score wise Aliya tied Aly in the AA and Vanessa on floor. Aliya is good but she has her work cut out for unlike Russia USA does’t put all the stress on one gymnasts or two for that matter.

  17. Clare says:

    Aliya just beat Jordyn in the AA. The both competed for the aa. Aliya medaled. Jordyn did not. Hence Aliya beat her. Don’t throw around that bs two per rule. All the gymnasts know the rules and Jordyn flat out was not good enough. Fact. You are dumb I’m sorry but you are embarrassing yourself now. Aliya has won almost every title she can and now you’re saying she’s only good if she beats every gymnast ever. That’s insane. She has more medals that Vika, Gabby, or Jordyn ever will. She has already beaten them all in that way. Also you told Rien you never said she wasn’t good. But you cannot admit that she is great. Which is a fact. Therefore Rien is still right and you are still stupid. Ridiculous.

  18. Rien says:

    I would like you to say flat out that Aliya is a great gymnast. This was never a debate of whether she is good. That is clear to even the most unknowledgeable gymnastics enthusiast. Duh. What you refuse to admit is that she is great. As I said Nastia is the ONLY american gymnast with more medals. She hasn’t beats Gabby, Vika and Wiener, are you saying that she is not a great gymnast as well?? As stated by you, a gymnasts success is measured by their medal count, not by who they beat or don’t beat. Admit that she is the best gymnast currently competing and one of the best ever to compete, easily top 20 most successful gymnasts ever, and we will no longer have a problem and I will take your comments seriously once again. Otherwise you will remain an ignorant fool. ALSO note how I have people on my side and no one is agreeing with you. Proof.

  19. keepitrealin2013 says:

    Rien: I never said she wasn’t a great gymnast. I think she’s actually good minus her DIVA attitude. I think she’s very talented with a shitty attitude. @ Clare no she did not , lose to Aliya with that two per country rule made that impossible. She didn’t even compete in the AA the only time they have gone head to head is the American Cup and Aliya took second to Jordyn. IF one is not in a competition then they haven’t competed. She was 4th but couldn’t compete due to two more American’s placing higher not Aliya kept her from it. @ Rien and of course all people on this page will be against what I’m saying you’re all Aliya fans. I have nothing against besides her attitude. which she shows a lack of control. Let’s end this war (which I said from the get go I didn’t want to did), we will all see when the 2013 worlds come around I grantee Aliya Mustafina WILL NOT be all around champion. And “IF” I am wrong I come back and apologize to all of you and NEVER post anything that could be considered negative against Aliya nor Russian gymnastics, but I’m that confident that you all will be in for a RUDE awaking she’ll may medal but it won’t be GOLD. This agreement I’m making only applies to her claiming the GOLD. I don’t doubt her skills will not make her medal but I am sure she’s not what she was in 2010 and will NOT claim gold. Her reign was 2010, and she is still awesome on uneven bars, so she can claim that title. I will go and say she has many more medals world and maybe olympic to claim BUT she will not claim a gold in the AA on both levels “World or Olympic.”Her DIVA attitude kept her from that in 2011 Europeans when her coach told her NOT to throw the Amanar she could have claimed that AA title with the DTY as her vault, in day two. Of course being classic Mustafina she didn’t listen and this killed her. She NO longer throws her Amanar nor the vault named after her “Mustafina.” Uneven Bars which she can score very high one will NOT secure GOLD, there are too many gymnasts (ROM, USA, RUS, CHN) that can edge her out on the other three events.

  20. Rien says:

    You still have yet to admit that she is a great gymnast. You keep saying “i never said she wasn’t a great gymnast” followed by “i think she’s good”.
    I never once said she would be AA champion. I’d like to see you come back from am ACL injury and win an AA title. Barely possible. I agree with you 100% you’d have to be crazy. That being said she has a few wonderful chance of medaling in 4 or the five events. And easily could be bar champ again. Especially since things often cool down after an Olympic year. B Sloan being AA champ, Kayla Williams vault champ, Koko Tsurumi over medal on bars???? Beth Tweddle floor champ…not at all expected nor the best of the best.
    Also this is an american blog so I don’t see how everyone reading would be an Aliya lover. Although I am sure they can all recognize a great gymnast when they see one.
    Agree to disagree. As much as you pain me I do enjoy some good gymnastics debating. You do have some valid points i just think your judgement is clouded by biased. And im sure you think the same of me haha. O dont think Aliya is Gods gift to earth, and god knows she has had some attitude issues in the past, but i dk think credit should be given where credit is deserved. Again easly top 20 most successful. You cant deny that. No hard feelings. I’ll put in my prediction here, I would be shocked if she didn’t come away with three medals, at least one gold, most likely bars but who knows. Can’t wait till worlds!!!

  21. Clare says:

    Let us recap. Was Jordyn competing for the 2012 Olympic AA title. No. Did she qualify for the AA. No. The road ends there. Was Aliya competing for the 2012 AA title. Yes. Did she qualify. Yes. Did she receive a bronze medal. Yes. Did Jordyn receive a Gold or silver medal. No. HENCE Aliya beat her. Do we say that Grishina beat Seitz. No. Do we say that Douglas beat Huang in 11. No. Do we say that Sloan beat Izbasa in 08. No. If you don’t even qualify for the AA you lose over everyone. That is the weakest spot. All Wieber had to do was beat ONE person to qualify. Either Gabby or Aly. No one else mattered yet she couldn’t even do that. Not to even mention she could not even medal anywhere. Tell me some more how much of a winner she is. Aliya has beat her in every way a gymnast could. In medal count. In an AA competition. In years of success. In respect. In everything. Fact.

  22. keepitrealin2013 says:

    it’s a never ending battle with you “IF” Aliya is the better gymnast then she would be able to win the AA title in Worlds and Olympics. I’m starting to see you just like to shoot off at the mouth and this is why a lot of people get into heated conversations and you’re always being attacked.
    : Aliya and Jordyn did not compete against each other the AA, The only chance Jordyn had was qualifications which Gabby and Aly kept her from the finals. Based of qualifications Jordyn Weiber place a spot higher. If she was not in the finals then she did not compete against her. They were trying to qualify for finals. Which once again Jordyn was kept from this based on to per country rule not by not be able to make or qualify She placed fourth and Aliya was fifth. Until they both are in the same AA final they have not competed against each other.

  23. Clare says:

    Once again you are blatantly wrong. They both were going for the 2012 AA Olympic champion title. That is the same competition. You are acting like these are two separate competitions but they are not. Qualifications is still part of competing for the AA title. Saying until they have competed in the same AA final, is just so wrong. Listen to yourself. They competed in the team final against each other as well as in qualifications. The same competition. Flat out. Point blank.

  24. Rien says:

    Aliya has won an AA world title….as well as 7 world individual medals….she is obviously better. Nastia has never beaten Gabby, Jordyn or Vika. Are you saying that she’s not a great gymnast? That is your logic. You’re acting like a gymnast has to stay on top forever in order to get your approval. Many gymnasts only make it through 2 or 3 worlds. Rebecca Bross who is one of Americas most successful gymnasts only made it to two. Are you gonna say that she is not better than Gabby etc because she retired?
    Also the reason I get in debates which are not really heated at all, is because people say dumbass things like ” I think Aliya was over scored even though I don’t know what she scored ” I feel like it is neccesary to correct haters who don’t even make valid arguments.

  25. jayjay says:

    How can you say Nastia got more medal in her first 2 years of competition than Aliya did when in fact Aliya was injured for most of her second year out? So you really can only use the first year of international competitions in which case Aliya would be the victor as she won 5 while Nastia won 4. And its stupid to count national competitions as each country judges their athletes differently. Plus why are you stating that Nastia has the highest score of the new scoring system? Yes she has the highest score ever in gymnastics but that was back when the 10 highest elements were counted which enabled her to have a massive start value (7.7) if I remember correctly. That’s why the scores in 08 were so high if you’ve noticed not to mention there are deductions given now that were not given then. The following codes only count 8 highest elements and no one is gonna reach that start value on bars (in my opinion but nothing is set in stone). She has the highest score but not because she’s that great but because she worked the code of her time and now Aliya works the code of her time which are two separate quads with different rules and restrictions. To show you how unfair it is? Both Nastia and Kexin actually fell and Tweddle hit the bars which was counted as a fall in qualifications on bars in 08 but yet they still managed to make the finals because they had the highest start values and back then they only took off .8 for falls. Now if they were to fall now i assure you they would not make the bars final.

  26. jayjay says:

    I understand when it comes to the team victories but why are you downplaying the individual successes of Russian gymnasts of the past? Sure they were a part of the Soviet Union at the time but according to you they are not allowed to lay claim to any of their success as Russian citizens because they were part of a greater nation? The Soviet Union doesnt exist anymore but newsflash Russia didnt go anywhere and I’m sure those gold medals didnt disappear with the Soviet Union. By the way how many of those Soviet Union gymnasts were actually from Russia?

  27. jayjay says:

    I just remembered that the first year after an Olympic games there are no team competitions so Nastia wasnt given the opportunity in 05 (her first year as a senior) to win that medal as part of a team. So taking the team medals out both Aliya and Nastia won the same number of medals their first year out so they’re even.

  28. jayjay says:

    we all know that Aliya is one of the best gymnast to ever grace the world with her presence. Had she gone to the Olympics healthy the AA battle would have been a different story. To note her and Gabby were the only ones who did 14 routines altogether at the Olympics everyone else did less. She also scored the second and third highest score of the whole competition. Anyone who says she’s just ‘good’ lacks knowledge of artistic gymnastics and this girl’s achievements. If it wasnt for her Russia would not have won their team gold in 2010. She won her AA title like more than a point ahead of everyone else. That has only ever been done one other time in the new system.
    we all know that the better gymnast does not always take the gold but the one who is more consistent on that day. Look at Mckayla Maroney and Viktoria Komova. Did they mess up yes, Did it cost them the gold yes. Doesnt mean they’re not better than the competition.

  29. Rien says:

    THANK YOU! Yes she is my favorite gymnast but I do not give her any credit that she doesn’t deserve. She is the second most successful recent gymnast. She won the most medals out of any gymnast during the games. No to even mention she had to talk more than a year off due to injury. I can’t stand nastia liukin but I sure as hell know that she is a fantastic gymnast. People are so ignorant and biased it blows my mind.

  30. Hai says:

    It’s interesting how this conversation has changed from an observation by keepinitreal that Mustafina was overscored!!!! I think that if anyone who is impartial AND has watched all the videos would have to agree that she WAS way overscored! However, it IS a national competition and you see the same thing at the US championship. Do I think she is a great gymnast – NO ( that twisting technique of hers); but I do think she is a GREAT competitor!!! , it’s interesting that you would call someone ignorant AND biased!!!! I seem to remember our conversations before the Olympics about the Russian vs USA WAG teams D score.

  31. k.r.l says:

    Is Komova retired? Why didn’t she competed at these nationals?

  32. Admin says:

    she has been suffering with a back injury

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