Results: British Teams 2015 (ART)


The British Teams competition took place today with some of Britain’s top well known gymnasts taking part; Rebecca Tunney, Charlie Fellows, Ruby Harrold, Amy Tinkler and Kelly Simm.

The Liverpool Ladies took home the Women’s team title for a 10th time.

  1. Liverpool 203.300 (Fellows, Tunney, Cheetham, Williams, Stedford, Stanhope)
  2. Park Wrekin 198.800 (Kinsella, Oates, Clements, Sheard, Warr, Woolrich)
  3. The Academy 196.800 (Solari, Knight, Dodds, Turner, Harrold, Simmons)
  4. South Durham 194.000 (Tinkler, Burton, Kirk, Ryman, Armstrong, Rockett)
  5. City of Glasgow 185.200 (Kennedy, Campbell, Breadner, Mackey, Morrison, Archer)
  6. Dynamo 181.650 (Layzell, Spry, Barnes, Simm, Letchford, Askham)
  7. Bury 174.900 (Exley, Gamble, Waugh, Campbell, Lunn, Newbury)
  8. Manx 167.700 (Harrison, Hester, Nicol, Burns, Patel, Johnson)

Looking at individual rankings, the top scoring all around gymnast was Amy Tinkler 54.700 (South Durham), followed by Kelly Simm 53.600 (Dynamo) and Charlie Fellows 53.250 (Liverpool). Claudia Fragapane and Lisa Mason were both due to compete but did not.

In the Individual Apparatus rankings,  Amy Tinkler took top score on Vault (14.300) and Bars (13.600), while Kelly Simm took top scores on Beam (14.000) and Floor (13.800). On Tunney’s return to competition she competed on 2 apparatus, ranking third on Beam (13.500) and tied for fifth on Floor (12.900) with Alice Kinsella of Park Wrekin.

Full scores can be viewed here.

Photo via City of Liverpool Facebook page.


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