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According to reports, tonight is the night when money will be withdrawn from millions of bank accounts across the UK and Ireland for London 2012 Olympics tickets. Sports fans who have applied for tickets will find out tonight / tomorrow morning if their application has been successful. Payments are due to be taken from accounts at midnight tonight. Successful applicants will be told which tickets they have been allocated by June 24th whilst those who have had payments that have bounced will be told by June 10th. Lucky ticket holders will not know what seats they have until their tickets actually arrive through the post, which will be in May or June 2012.

I have already heard of a lot of American and Canadian gymnastics fans who have not been successful in their ticket application. I wonder will we have as many disappointed European gymnastics fans tomorrow morning. Leave a comment below if you have been successful and let us know what events you have tickets for.


  1. Lorraine says:

    I applied for all 3 apparatus final sessions. The tickets were fairly expensive (£185 each) as I didn’t want to sit in the top tier of the O2. I also applied for less expensive tickets for other popular sports such as athletics, swimming & cycling. Had some money taken out of my account a few days ago & because of the amount I think I’ve been successful in getting some gymnastics tickets though not all 3 sessions. Just need to wait & hear what sessions I have now.

    I’m really pleased that I have got some as I know people are mostly getting a fraction of what they applied for. 1 or 2 apparatus finals sessions will be brilliant to watch.

  2. Sarah says:

    Applied for all three WAG prelim sessions and the WAG team and indicidual finals, but on different credit cards, thinking that i would probably just get the prelims.
    From the amount of money that has been taken out of my account im pretty sure im going to the team final – that would have been my first choice so im SO excited! GB had better make the top 8.

  3. Dymphna says:

    You’re lucky !! I applied for all three WAG quali sessions, WAG team and AA finals and MAG team and AA finals. Only got something worth 100 pounds so not sure. Also applied for one cheap athletics session to fill in the gaps (better not be that one ) . Very very VERY dissappointed. My friend applied for 3,000 pounds worth and had 80 pounds taken from her account. She is devastated as she is a megga gym fan. Really dissappointed. The O2 will be full of people who know nothing and care less about gymnastics.

  4. Admin says:

    That’s what really bothers my Dymphna, as well as the pricing, a lot of the real true gym fans won’t get to see the sport in person 🙁

    Briliant Sarah, you’re so lucky. I had applied for the team final too. I’m delighted for you 🙂

  5. Sandra says:

    I applied for all 4 finals and 2 qualifiers. Looks like I have 1 final and 1 qualifier from the amount of money taken.

  6. Admin says:

    Wow, that’s brilliant Sandra, you’re very lucky! I applied for a qualifier, womens team final and womens floor & beam final and got none 🙁 Ah well there’s always the test events! You’ll have such a great time!

  7. Helen says:

    We applied for the WA All-Around Final, WA Team Final, some basketball, one athletics and the opening ceremony. From the money that’s now on the credit card, my daughter and I got the AA Final which we are thrilled about but sad that my husband and son got none 🙁 We applied for VERY expensive tickets for the AA Final and I guess that paid off 🙂

  8. Chris says:

    Sounds as though most of you have done pretty well. I applied for 7 sessions (4 Gymnastics and 3 other sports) and got nothing. 5 others at my work also got nothing. At least we have a chance in round two but who knows what will be left. Fingers crossed! – I just want to take my daughter to something… I only know one person who has tickets, getting 1 of the 8 sessions they applied for.

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