Human Body Exhibition 2012


The Human Body Exhibition has it’s World Premiere in Dublin this week. This is a brand new exhibition featuring more than 200 real human body specimens. The remarkable and often controversial exhibition,  is meant to both captivate and educate it’s audience. describes the exhibition:

The Human Body Exhibition highlights the essential components of the human anatomy. Nine galleries display carefully dissected and preserved partial- and full-body specimens. These amazing specimens provide insight into how the human body functions and how it is affected by lifestyle choices, such as smoking and overeating. Designed to educate, encourage and enlighten, the exhibition displays the physical damage caused by neglecting your body.

All of the exhibition’s specimens were donated in accordance with Chinese law to the Dalian Hoffen Bio-technique Laboratory, which conducts research into the innovative Plastination technique. The laboratory uses this technique to preserve and display the specimens.

Using treated and hardened liquid silicone rubber, specimens are preserved at the cellular level. The rubberised final result showcases the complexity of the body’s bones, muscle, nerves, blood vessels and organs. This is a slow and delicate process that requires great care and respect. It takes over a year to prepare the full-body specimens.

Back in 2009 when The Bodies Exhibition came to Dublin I paid a visit. You can read about my thoughts and experiences here – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. The official website gives more information and an overview of the exhibition:

  • An internationally acclaimed family experience.
  • Multiple galleries take visitors through the essential components of human anatomy.
  • Dynamic full body specimens demonstrate the systems that make the body function from the intricacy of the circulatory system to the astounding process of reproduction.
  • Individual organ specimens allow visitors to delve deeper into the body’s structures that operate within those systems.
  • Stunning photographs of the body, combined with informative videos, enhance the visitor experience.
  • Levels of information throughout the Exhibition are thoughtfully geared to visitors of all ages and educational levels—from primary school to medical school.
  • Medical docents answer questions as visitors explore the galleries and give guided tours to small groups.
  • “Did you know” health tips and insights are provided throughout.
  • Educational material for teachers and programs for student groups make the Exhibition an invaluable school outing.
  • Artist events allow professional artists and aspiring art students the opportunity to sketch the specimens and expand their knowledge of anatomy.
  • Lectures on health, medicine, and well-being are conducted for professionals and the lay public.
  • An Exhibition catalogue enhances the visitor experience.

What’s on view?


An overview of the body and the fascinating journey ahead


The body’s supporting skeletal framework and the muscles that work in tandem with it


The system that brings air to every cell in the body and also facilitates speech


The process that moves food through 10 meters of digestive tract, extracting the nutrients needed for survival


The brain as the center of consciousness and the spinal cord that sends impulses to it at the speed of light


A unique and awe-inspiring look at the heart and the 145,000 km of blood vessels that carry blood throughout the body


The system with two functions: elimination and reproduction


Life in development on a most basic level


Take a more active role in your health and well-being

Showing at the Ambassador Theater on Dublin’s O’Connell Street, tickets cost  Adults €20 / Concessions €16 / Children €12 / Family €56. Tickets can be purchased on Ticketmaster. In my opinion, this is a must see exhibition, an absolute must. If you have the opportunity to visit, then don’t miss out.

Photo by Laura Hutton of Photocall Ireland

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