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This is the twelfth post in our new series “Gymnastics History: Olympic Champions”. Over the coming months we will be looking back at former Olympic Champions and also a chance to see how our sport has developed over the years. Every Friday in the lead up to the Olympics in July, Full Twist will post a new article in this series. We will continue this series this week with the Women’s Floor Champions of Olympics past. Where possible we have included results,scores and pictures or videos where available. Remember – only four Friday’s left until the Opening Ceremony!

1952 Helsinki Olympic Games

  1. Agnes Keleti (HUN)
  2. Maria Gorokhovskaya (URS)
  3. Margit Korondi (URS)

1956 Melbourne Olympic Games

  1. Larissa Latynina (URS) &a Agnes Keleti (HUN) 19.732
  2. Elena Leusteanu (ROM)  18.732

1960 Rome Olympic Games

  1. Larissa Latynina (URS)
  2. Polina Astakhova (URS)
  3. Tamara Lyukhina (URS)

1964 Tokyo Olympic Games

  1. Larissa Latynina (URS) 19.599
  2. Polina Astakhova (URS) 19.500
  3. Aniko Ducza (HUN) 19.300

1972 Munich Olympic Games

  1. Olga Korbut (URS) 19.400
  2. Ludmilla Turischeva (URS) 19.550
  3. Tamara Lazakovich (URS) 19.450

1976 Montreal Olympic Games

  1. Nellie Kim (URS) 19.850
  2. Ludmilla Turischeva (URS) 19.825
  3. Nadia Comaneci (ROM) 19.750

1980 Moscow Olympic Games

  1. Nellie Kim (URS) & Nadia Comaneci (ROM)
  2. Maxi Gnauck (GDR)

1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games

  1. Ecaterina Szabo (ROM) 19.975
  2. Julianne McNamara (USA) 19.950
  3. Mary Lou Retton (USA) 19.800

1988 Seoul Olympic Games

  1. Daniela Silivas (ROM) 19.937
  2. Svetlana Boginskaya (URS) 19.887
  3. Diana Doudeva (BUL) 19.850

1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

  1. Lavinia Milosovici (ROM) 10.00
  2. Henrietta Onodi (HUN) 9.950
  3. Tatiana Gutsu (EUN) 9.912

1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

  1. Lilia Podkopayeva (UKR) 9.887
  2. Simona Amanar (ROM) 9.850
  3. Dominique Dawes (USA) 9.837

2000 Sydney Olympic Games

  1. Elena Zamalodchikova (RUS) 9.850
  2. Svetlana Khorkina (RUS) 9.812
  3. Simona Amanar (ROM) 9.712

2004 Athens Olympic Games

  1. Catalina Ponor (ROM) 9.750
  2. Nicoleta Daniela Sofronie (ROM) 9.562
  3. Patricia Moreno (ESP) 9.487

 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

  1. Sandra Izbasa (ROM) 15.650
  2. Shawn Johnson (USA) 15.500
  3. Nastia Liukin (USA) 15.425

Floor has come a long way from what it originally was in the Olympics. Today’s tumbling is more powerful and spectacular than ever before. In terms of our Olympic Floor Champion – Who do you envision on the podium in less than 1 months time?  Leave a comment below. Beth Tweddle, Viktoria Komova, Jordyn Wieber, Gabrielle Douglas, Aliya Mustafina all have amazingly strong floor routines, could Sandra Izbasa retain her Olympic title?  It will be hard to predict this one!

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  1. Benjamin says:

    2012 Olympics-

    Gold- Lauren Mitchell
    Silver- Ally Raisman
    Bronze- Ksenia Afanasyeva


  2. christina says:

    2012: Larisa Iordache and a great 3 peat for Romania 😀

  3. Damnterop says:

    Larisa Iordache is my pick for FX

  4. Damnterop says:

    Gold Iordache
    Silver Sui Lu
    Bronze Afanasyeva

  5. Tough-Crowd says:

    …Aaaww, I miss those old “back and forth” tumblings.
    I still find Lavinia Milosovici’s FX amazing!

    Also, I find mind boggling to see really hard tumbling passes decades ago (double twist-double back?!), considering they didn’t have the most cutting edge training facilities back then.
    Some of those tumbling passes are still hard-core to this days!

    The “cheating the code” is getting tired, I wonder if it’s a result of the non-compulsory era.
    Some limitations should apply:
    Just like the “rolling out of a tumbling” for men, women should only be able to “leap out of a tumbling” only once or twice. (The Romanians are back-tucking out of everything, it’s just odd!)
    Front walkovers shouldn’t count as a front pass.
    There should be a deduction for passes like “1st pass: double layout, 2nd pass: double pike, 3rd pass: double tuck.”
    IMHO, of course.

  6. Sam says:

    1. Aly Raisman — she’s the best!
    2. Larisa Iordache
    3. Sandra Izbasa

  7. Simone St. John says:

    In 1952, the third place gymnast, Margit Korondi is Hungarian. You have listed her as Russian

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