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Full Twist really took off this year, a year after beginning to blog. I’d like to thank a few people and their websites for their hard work and effort to make gymnastics news from all around the world more accessible to us all. I think in the blogging world it’s so important (and kind) to give someone the credit if you’ve come across something on their site, these people definitely deserve it.

First off, I’d like to thank Rick at Gymnastics Coaching for his mentions and shout outs, you’ve been great to Full Twist. Rick always has such a diverse range of posts relating to gymnastics. I especially love GC for it’s content relating to coaching, there’s always some new tips or videos to check out.

Gymnastics Coaching – –

The Couch Gymnast – Brigid, what a fantastic woman, not that I know her personally but she appears to be the most passionate blogger out there. The Couch Gymnast has only gotten bigger and better, especially over the last few months and I can’t wait to see what 2011 holds in store for TCG. Also thank you to you for linking to Full Twist on a few occasions. What I especially love about TCG is the variation of writers who also specialize in writing about gymnastics from their own country.

The Couch Gymnast –  – 

The All Around is always so on top of the gymnastics news and information from all over the world, sometimes I don’t know how they manage it!

The All Around – –

Gymnastics Examiner – I don’t know how Blythe does it but she does, information from almost every event all over the World. I love Blythes dedication and her to the point articles.The brilliant combination of her written work and Brigid Mc Carthy’s photos during Worlds was just fantastic!

Gymnastics Examiner – –

I’ve also enjoyed work from the following:

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Who I’d like to see more from in 2011

  • British Gymnastics – BG really began to show an understanding of frequent updates and social media in the last quarter of the year. Lets hope they can keep it up and improve on it in 2011. They’re also on .
  • Irish Gymnastics – a very infrequently updated website. Very hard to find news on IG, normally only happens through word of mouth.
  • FIG – like BG, FIG really began to start grasping social media by the ears in the last quarter of the year. Everyday after Worlds, they had results posted immediately and had reports on the days events almost instantly. Their quality and production of the videos on their is just amazing.
  • Double Front – Kristal began this blog just last week. I have high hopes for it!

If you have any suggestions for Full Twist or you would ever like to do a Guest Post, please feel free to get in touch . I’d love to hear from you! You’re also welcome to send on any links, videos, articles you find that you would like to have featured on Full Twist.

Thank you all for your support throughout 2010. I wish each and everyone of you a very happy and healthy 2011.

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