Mustafina vs Komova

Blythe from the Gymnastics Examiner came up with an excellent idea. She has asked Gymnastics bloggers from around the world to contribute their thoughts and insights to a series of questions about gymnastics and its personalities that will be posted […]

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The Gym Press

The Gym Press has launched a "new and improved gymnastics library". It's complete with articles to view and download, books, videos to watch and dvd's to buy. I've


Little Links 18/1/11

Gymnastics Examiner has posted the WOGA Classic Entrants and the Winter Cup entrants. UEG has announced that more than 280 gymnasts have registered to take part in the 2011


GymnastFix – A new gymnastics social network

In the past Full Twist has posted about the gymnastics social networks FlipBook and Gymnast Spotlight (endorsed by Shannon Miller). The new kid on the block is GymnastFix


Little Links 11/1/11

Christine is great to chat to on Twitter, she's started a blog with her gymnast son Ben  - fantastic!Visit I-Gym FanGymnastics talks about new Romanian Gymnastics blog Gym Lugoj Doble


Little Links 1/1/11

Happy New Year to you all, lets hope it's a very happy and healthy one. Wishing you the best for 2011. Doble en Plancha continues to countdown the Champions


Full Twists Best of 2010

Full Twist really took off this year, a year after beginning to blog. I'd like to thank a few people and their websites for their hard work and


Important WordPress Security Update

Like many other blogs, Full Twist uses Wordpress as it's platform. It's always been great and never caused any problems. However, today I noticed this Security Warning

double front

Double Front – new blog

Welcome to Double Front to the blogging world and to Twitter. Kristal is always great to talk to on Twitter about gymnastics, delighted that she's started a blog! Double

Gymnastics Blogs Vs Main stream Media

There's a great discussion going on over at Gymnastics Coaching at the moment. At the weekend Rick posted about Gymnastics Bloggers at Worlds. In Rotterdam at the World Gymnastics Championships, it

Little Links 11/10/10

Gymnastike has some videos from the Commonwealth Games 2010 Amy from The All Around has posted links that will have coverage from the World Championships FIG report on Commonwealth Games

Little Links 26/8/10

A new blogs (at least, to me!) - Elite Gymnastics Stars and The Split Leap The "40 Hottest Gymnasts of All Time" Boris Pilkin - The Man Behind Khorkina World

BlogRoll Updated

I've been discovering more and more gymnastics blogs and websites recently so today the blogroll was updated to add in a few newbies, at least to Full Twist

Little Links 12/5/10

Hope has some words on a Healthy Life as a Gymnast FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup A 2010 World Stars - Moscow, May 14 - 15 A really cute entry on

Little Links 15/4/10

New Blog (at least to me!) GymFinity Research suggests that Americans are becoming fatter younger BBC Sports Ollie Williams was at Lilleshall last night with a film crew, taking footage

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