The Educator

  When I think about my role as a gymnastics coach, many thoughts and images come to mind. When people I meet for the first time ask me what I do and I tell them I’m a gymnastics coach, they […]

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My First Day

I often find it hard to recall moments from my childhood; the first time I rode a bike, the first time I went on holidays, but I can

British Gymnast age 8

Thanks to Rick at for posting this youtube video of a fantastic little gymnast Catherine Lyons from the UK. Catherine was competing at Level 4 and shows some


Part 2   The End Performing a simple handspring vault, I landed incorrectly, meaning one foot took a disproportionate amount of the impact, mainly on the big toe joint from pointing


Part 1   Being injured is a terrible event in any athlete’s career.  One injury can jeopardise some-one's progression in the sport or even mark the end of their

What are you passionate about?

For sixteen years, I’ve taken part in the great sport of gymnastics. I trained as a gymnast for eleven years and I am now in my fifth year

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