Little Links 4/2/10

New tactics urged to fight female sports injuries Salto Gymnastics Club – Irelands top gymnastics venue Female athletes injured more than male athletes Reduction in Irish Sports Council funding for Irish Gymnastics FIG on “cracking down and easing up” The […]

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Running Barefoot – The Debate

Earlier this week Rick posted "Are running shoes causing injury?", where he spoke about a book he reviewed on his own website and about whether shoes should be worn

Little Links 12/1/10

Many thanks to Gymnastics in Europe for drawing my attention to this blog Coaching Gymnastics In The New Millenium. So far I have just skimmed through some of

Bodies The Exhibition Part 3

The fourth section displayed a model of a rugby player diving for the ball.  This was really something else.  The women beside me asking "How did they get

Bodies The Exhibition Part 2

The second section of the exhibition concentrated more on the arteries, veins and blood vessels and showed the various internal organs beginning with the heart. I can't say

Bodies The Exhibition Part 1

On Wednesday this week, I finally made it to the Bodies Exhibition in Dublin. It had taken me six months to manage to get to the exhibition, having

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