Worlds Today: Training & Drama 6/10/11


Today has been a big day in training for MAG and WAG gymnasts. Of course it was FULL of drama, lets take a look at the big stories of the day:


  • Beam: Little, Brown, Monckton, Brennan, Mitchell
  • Floor: Little, Brown, Miller, Brennan, Mitchell
  • Vault: Monckton, Brown, Brennan, Little, Mitchell
  • Bars: Little, Monckton, Brown, Mitchell, Miller


  • Vault: Porgas, Chelaru, Racea, Haidu, Ponor
  • Bars: Bulimar, Haidu, Racea, Porgras, Chelaru
  • Beam: Racea, Bulimar, Ponor, Porgras, Haidu
  • Floor: Haidu, Chelaru, Porgras, Bulimar, Ponor


  • Vault: Vega, Douglas, Raisman, Wieber, Maroney
  • Uneven Bars: Raisman, Maroney, Vega, Wieber, Douglas
  • Balance Beam: Maroney, Vega, Raisman, Wieber, Douglas
  • Floor: Douglas, Vega, Wieber, Maroney, Raisman

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