Worlds Today: Irish WAG in Qualifiers 7/10/11


Full Twist is continuing to cover and highlight Irish Gymnastics at the 2011 World Championships.  WAG girls Sophie McCoo and Charlotte McKenna competed in subdivision 3 today with Turkey, Austria, Poland, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Puerto Rico and the very exciting Australia. Sophie was competing on just beam whilst Charlotte competed on all four apparatus.

Whilst most social media attention online was drawn to the Australians and 2010 World Floor Champion Lauren Mitchell, some coverage was given to the Irish ladies. Blythe Lawrence of the Gymnastics Examiner (GE) described Charlotte’s Yurchenko Layout “well controlled” with a small step back. On her bars GE commented that Charlotte has a nice jaeger, a little too high on her bail to toe hecht and had a good swing.On beam Charlotte had a few wobbles and form issues, Gymnastike called the routine a “great job”.

Charlottes scores:

  • Beam: 11.866
  • Vault: 12.733
  • Bars: 10.566
  • Floor: 9.600

Head of the Irish Delegation and Irish Gymnastics Coaching Development Officer Sally Filmer praised Charlotte after competition:

“She did well all around, excelent vault, super Jager on bar, which she hit both heels on in her final training session! With such solid performances we can look forward to training hard for next years Euro selection, and with the juniors moving up, the chance of a full senior team”

Sophie’s beam performance was in rotation 3 where she scored 12.033. GE called the opening choreography “interesting” and “refreshing”

Switch leap on. Interesting choreo the first 10 seconds of this routine — she does something besides stand and wave her arms around — how refreshing! Bhs, layout. Side aerial. Switch. Back tuck, tiny wobble. Moving quite well so far. Front layout full, step forward.

Gymnastike commented on how happy Sophie appeared with her beam routine. After the competition her coach Alison McMullan said:

“She hit her routine about as well as she has done all week. If anyone got it on video, I’d love to see it!, I’m proud of her performance, proving she was good enough to be here. When she landed I was delighted she had gone clean. I’ve never seen her so happy.”

Neither of the girls will advance through to the team or event finals but it was certainly not a wasted trip, they will have gained a lot of experience and knowledge from Tokyo.
Meanwhile the Irish MAG team members continued training, they will have their last training session tomorrow Saturday before beginning their Qualifying Competition on Sunday. They will compete with Germany, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Greece, Armenia, Lithania and Venezeula in Subdivision 4 at 11:30am Irish time. Kieran Behan’s Coach Simon Gale said that the boys are bursting to get out and compete. Best of luck to all.
Thank you to Simon Gale for the information.



  1. Gilly Carson says:

    AGAIN … ( apologies for being repetitive! – but NO – actually mean this !) can we give you yet one more sincere ‘Thank U’ !!!!

    We are not quite in the realms of Other top 8+ nations with funding and support and even development – We are Zero funded. Our National Association gets aid to exist – create emplyment and plan a gr8 business future … but we are not eligible for National Sports Council support – we seem to be a developing sport … due to sad economic times – we can only expect any help if we can guarantee medals …. just a wee bit too ahead of our development – tho v worthy- we think !!
    We do get loads of non financial support and genuine encouragement – just no finance …our Teams finance them selves, coaches and Judges – to be in Japan … such a let down not to see live tv coverage – but U guys … and I include all the other lovely communicators … make it worth while for our extremely hard working gymnasts ……… times will change and things will improve as our NGB has most awesome business plan – it is sadly just in it’s infancy …………….. we can truly benefit from all the international ‘positive’ support we can attract – so again …….many thanks for the very kind and informative posts – seriously – you have no idea how much this means to Team Ireland !!

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks Gilly, it must be so hard for you sitting at home wondering what is going on. I’m doing everything I can on Full Twist to get the names of our Irish Gymnasts out there. Hope to have more for the MAG qualification on Sunday.

  3. Grainne says:

    Gilly…i understand…figure skating has a similar problem…from what I know theres funding available for athletes who make it to the top (i.e. medal at worlds etc) but no funding to help train young people to get them there. something needs to be done to help under developed sport in ireland.

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