Worlds Today: Irish MAG @ Men’s Qualifications Day 1

Artistic WCh Rotterdam/NED 2010: CARSON Luke/IRL

The first day of the Men’s Qualifications kicked off today. The Irish Men Luke Carson, Kieran Behan and Rohan Sebastian competed in the 4th subdivision alongside Greece, Germany, Uzbekistan and Hungary.

Kieran finished in 53rd place with a score of 80.290 while Luke finished in 54th place with 80.165. Rohan finished in 61st place with 78.915. See all of today’s results here.

Individual Results breakdown:

Rk Name NOC Total Floor PH Rings Vault PB HB
53 BEHAN Kieran IRL
14.500 11.633 13.133 14.900 13.033 13.091
13.200 12.933 13.066 14.733 13.700 12.533
13.033 12.766 14.000 14.300 13.316 11.500

A huge amount of live coverage was given to the guys so let’s see what was said:

International Gymnast Magazine on Facebook:

High Bar:

Sebastian IRL high bar missed Kovacs missed. Decent pirouetting work. Full-twisting double layout stuck

Carson IRL HB 4.9/12.533

Parallel Bars:

Carson IRL PB 4.7/13.7 9.0 execution!

Sebastian IRL PB 5.5/13.316

Behan IRL 4.9/13.033


Sebastian IRL Yurchenko double full that landed on all fours


Sebastian IRL The long lines on pommel horse work to his disadvantage on rings, but he’s deceptively strong. Decent swing work and a double back with 3/2 twists. Good effort, but he’ll need the luck of the Irish to score over a 14.00.

Carson IRL 5.0/12.933

Pommel Horse:

Behan IRL PH 3.1/11.633

Rohan Sebastian IRL shows sleek lines on horse that go well with the Irish spring/mint green colored form pants. Well done. 4.7/8.066 12.766


Luke Carson IRL FX 5.2/8.1/13.20

Kieran Behan IRL FX 6.0/8.50/14.50

Rohan Sebastian IRL front double full-Rudi, back 2.5 front 1/1. Sound landings. Scrambled on his second to last pass and finished with a triple twist, but had to pike down to make it to his feet. 6.1/6.933 13.033


Gymnastics Examiner also covered the Irish in Quick Hits.  Not all apparatus were covered as there was a lot going on in the arena today with injuries and the Germans competing but still, plenty of great information.

Rotation 1 – Floor

Luke Carson, floor: Front double full, OOB. Nice style ending a side pass with a Shushunova, lots of airtime, enough that he can practically wink at the judges. Flying around like that is what gymnastics is all about. Running front 1 3/4. Y scale, something else we don’t see a lot these days. 2.5 twist dismount with a step. Good routine.


Kieran Behan, floor: Nice form on everything here. Twisting opening pass. Layout Thomas second pass. Tucked Thomas side pass. Roundoff, full twisting windmill flip. 1.5 to tuck full. 2.5 dismount. Great routine!


Rohan Sebastian, floor: It was good from what I saw.

Rotation 2 – Pommel Horse

Luke Carson, pommel: Powering through this routine! Moving quite well so far, and cleanly through the dismount. Nice.


Rohan Sebastian, pommel: Moving quite well so far…Hit routine! Good job

Rotation 4 – Vault

Luke Carson, vault: Believe it was a Tsuk 1.5. Good distance from the table and power. Hop forward.


Rohan Sebastian, vault: Hands down on DTY. Too bad!


Kieran Behan, vault: Yurchenko 1.5, small hop.

Rotation 6 – High Bar

Luke Carson, high bar: Weiler with full spin, nice. Full twisting double layout with a small hop forward. Nice routine.


Gymnastics Coaching on Twitter:

Rohan off H Bar on Kovacs. Merde.

Luke IRELAND swings big and hits H Bar. Nice Weilers.


Luke IRE hits Vault Y 1 1/2

Rohan IRE touches hands on DTY Vault.

Luke Carson hits Rings, as well. All good for Ireland. The ladies like his Cross pullout and Spagat.

Rohan Sebastian IRELAND has some excellent Ring strength for such a slim guy. Pulls out of Cross.

Kieran Behan IRELAND nice Floor. Very aggressive.

The All Around also includes some comments on the guys in their quick hits.

Despite not qualifying to compete in the AA or Event finals, there is a possibility that one of the Irish Men may get a place at the London 2012 Test Event for the Games in January 2012. They will find out tomorrow evening.  Well done to Kieran, Luke and Rohan. Enjoy the rest of your time in Tokyo.


  1. Gilly Carson says:

    Brilliant !! Thank you so very much for this information !! U guys have been fantastic !

  2. Admin says:

    You’re more than welcome Gilly 🙂 Pity the scores don’t reflect the hard work put in. Fingers crossed that one of the guys will make the test event in January.

  3. Gilly Carson says:

    Guess something went awfully wrong in end performances, Tho tweets don’t give us clues – unless comments bout E Jury really did killed them !! we will see when we get to see video evidence I guess – But, seriously – Thank U so much !! x

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