Worlds 2014: WAG Individuals predictions


Anna Rose Johnson takes a look forward to the WAG All Around and Apparatus Finals at this years 2014 World Championships.

After posting my predictions for the women’s World team final a few weeks ago, I analyzed the women’s individual finals. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!


All-Around Final


  1. Simone Biles (USA)

Simone looks pretty unbeatable this year—she won by a huge margin at the P&G Championships over runner-up Kyla Ross, and her gymnastics have only improved since she dominated at the 2013 World Championships.


  1. Kyla Ross (USA)

Kyla hasn’t put in a lot of upgrades since last year’s World Championships, but overall, she has kept up lovely and consistent gymnastics. Kyla’s tremendous ability to make everything come together when it counts makes her a shoo-in for another World all-around medal.


  1. Aliya Mustafina (RUS)

Aliya has so many great all-around honors: she is the 2010 World Champion, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist, and the 2013 World bronze medalist. I think she will come away with another all-around bronze medal this year. She has had some injuries in the past year and is still not at her best. But Aliya’s strong showing at the recent Russian Cup promises a great performance at Worlds.


  1. Larisa Iordache (ROU)

Larisa Iordache has a beautiful double-twisting yurchenko, perhaps the best balance beam routine in the world, and a highly artistic and powerful floor routine. Her problem spot has always been uneven bars, but she is improving a lot on that apparatus. I would put Larisa higher on my list, but like Aliya Mustafina and Yao Jinnan, she tends to be a little inconsistent on the World stage.


  1. Yao Jinnan (CHN)

Yao Jinnan has three excellent events (vault, bars, and beam). Only the floor exercise seems to give her a bit of trouble now and then. I love watching Yao on uneven bars and I can’t wait to see what she has in store. Her inconsistency (and the fact that her DTY isn’t quite as strong as Larisa’s) makes me put her in the fifth place position.


  1. Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)

Vanessa has had a strong showing in recent competitions, especially the Golden League meet in Italy last weekend, where she scored 58.200 in the all-around. The 2006 World Champion continues to impress, upgrading to a double layout on floor earlier this year.


  1. Claudia Fragapane (GBR)

Claudia helped her British team to the 2014 European Championships team silver, and she dominated the Commonwealth Games in July by winning four gold medals. Claudia has improved a lot in the past year and just keeps getting better. Her all-around consistency will likely enable her to place well in the World final.


  1. Guilia Steingruber (SUI)

The powerful performances of Guilia Steingruber definitely should not be missed. With her exciting Rudi vault and dynamic double layouts on floor, Guilia placed 7th in the all-around last year at Worlds.


  1. Roxana Popa (ESP)         

Scoring 55.350 at the recent Novara Cup, Roxana has really made a name for herself this year after capitalizing on a strong finish at last year’s Worlds. She always displays beautiful floor tumbling and dance and nice lines on the uneven bars–she should finish in the Top 10 in Nanning.


  1. Maria Kharenkova (RUS)

Maria Kharenkova has been rising quickly in Russia this past year. Her standout event is balance beam, where she scored 16.200 at the Russian Cup in August. While Maria’s overall difficulty may not be as high as some of the others on this list, her consistent performances will come in handy at Worlds.


Apparatus Finals



  1. Simone Biles (USA)
  2. Hong Un Jong (PRK)
  3. MyKayla Skinner (USA)

This is going to be a close final. Any one of these gymnasts has the potential to come away with the gold medal, but I’ll give the edge to Simone, the 2013 World vaulting silver medalist.




  1. Yao Jinnan (CHN)
  2. Becky Downie (GBR)
  3. Aliya Mustafina (RUS)

Uneven bars is going to be one of the most exciting finals in Nanning. I think the dynamic Yao Jinnan has a great chance at winning, with European champion Becky Downie and 2012 Olympic champ Aliya Mustafina also in the medals.


            BALANCE BEAM

  1. Larisa Iordache (ROU)
  2. Maria Kharenkova (RUS)
  3. Kyla Ross (USA)

Beam is probably the toughest event to predict, but I’m betting on Larisa Iordache to win. Larisa may not be as consistent as some of the others, but if she hits well, it will be hard to top her. Maria is another gymnast with astonishing difficulty, and Kyla is the 2013 World beam silver medalist.


            FLOOR EXERCISE

  1. Simone Biles (USA)
  2. Larisa Iordache (ROU)
  3. Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)

These were hard predictions to come up with, but I think the 2013 final might just end up repeating itself—with the exception of a flip-flop in the rankings of Larisa and Vanessa. (Last year, Vanessa won the silver and Larisa was third.)

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  1. Getcha life says:

    Let me be the one to start the war. I agree with everything except Mustafina. I think she is a beautiful gymnast that could stand to work on her twist, but I think she has had her run. She will continue to dominate Russian gymnastics when Komova isn’t around. With all the injuries she continues to have on the world stage she can medal only if someone makes a huge mistake. I believe she’s a beautiful bar worker but China (Jinnan & Huidan) & Great Britain (Downie) will out score her.

    Biles (USA)
    Ross (USA)
    Iordache (ROM) or Jinnan (CHN)
    Mustafina (RUS) 5th

    Biles (USA)
    Hong Un Jong (PRK) or Skinner (USA)

    Jinnan (CHN)
    Huidan (CHN) or Downie (GBR)

    Iordache (ROM)
    Ross (USA)
    Kharenkova (RUS) or Biles (USA)

    Biles (USA)
    Iordache (ROM)
    Ferrari (ITA)

  2. K says:

    I’d choose Huang Huidan over Becky Downie, though.

  3. Paul says:

    Andreea Munteanu for BB. I’m sorry but she will be ahead of Kyla Ross

  4. xexeo says:

    TEAM – More of the same – United States, Russia, Romania, Japan, China, Australia, England and Italy.
    ALL-AROUND – As planned since last year, who could not average 54 000 points, do not enter the top 24 Vasiliki Millousi, who was in the ranking in 2013, missed out on the playoffs, next to Isabela Onhysko to Kim Bui, Lisa Verchueren. .
    The news – Alla Sosnitskaya replacing Anna Rodionova; Claudia Fragapane, hype the british team in 2014, replacing the twice champion Rebecca Tunney; Erika Fasana replacing Carlotta Ferlito; Anila Stanila replacing Diana Bulimar; among the new faces vying for the first time, the only South American in the final, Venezuela’s Jessica Arocha, the oldest gymnast to reach a final, – 26 years – the Mexican Elsa Blancas, Australian Georgia Brown and the Portuguese Ana Felipa Martins.
    VAULT – The only novelty is the Mexican Alexa Medina. Simone Biles, Jong Un Kong, European bichampion Giulia Steingruber, Alla Sosnitskaya, Thi Pran, Claudia Fragapane McKayla Skinner and close the start list. In recap, Larissa Iordache, the Asian feel, the Indian Dipa Karmakar and Elisabeth Black.
    BARS – Single appliance that the Yankees had not supremacy – is right here that the gold will go to China. Jinan Yao and Huang Huidan along with newcomer Ashton Locklear, European champions reprising the end of May Aliya Mustafina and Rebecca Downie, Daria Spiridonova, the only German in the end, Lisa Katherine Hill and Ruby Harrold. In recap, Medina again, Kyla Ross and Larissa Miller.
    BEAM – Biles, Iordache, Yao, Yawen Bai, Elisabeth Black, Kyla Ross (surprisingly, the final single for appliances), Mustafina and the only Japanese in the end, Asuka Teramoto. Emma Nedov, Rebecca Downie and Vasiliki Millousi were in the recap.
    FLOOR – Biles, Iordache, Skinner, another European champion machine in 2014, Vanessa Ferrari, Erika Fasana, Mustafina, Fragapane and Larissa Miller. In recap, Roxana Popa, Chunshung Shang and Marta Pihan-Kulecza.

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