Worlds 2014: Results – MAG & WAG Team Finals


China take gold for the sixth consecutive time in the Men’s Team final – full results here.

  1. China 279.369
  2. Japan 273.269
  3. USA 270.369
  4. Great Britain 269.170
  5. Russia 266.503
  6. Brazil 263.562
  7. Switzerland 257.293
  8. Germany  256.160

In the Women’s competition, the USA dominated the competition, taking a very comfortable early on lead over China and Russia.  Full results available here.

  1. USA 179.280
  2. China 172.587
  3. Russia 171.462
  4. Romania 170.963
  5. Italy 169.023
  6. Great Britain 168.495
  7. Australia 165.988
  8. Japan 165.422



  1. xexeo says:

    Counting errors of the main opponents, Simone Biles takes second gold at the World and the fourth in his career, entering the top 20 in nineteenth place, surpassing even better gymnast ranked match activity, Oksana Chusovitina. Larissa Iordache gets his first medal, a silver and Kyla Ross, even more favored by the fall of opponents, took the bronze, but proof that the team gold was a hiccup in his career.
    MORE OF THE SAME – Yao Jinnan and Vanessa Ferrari reached the ceiling of their possibilities, reaching fifth and sixth places achieved in Antwerp. Roxana Popa also reached its ceiling in the thirteenth, that she was the twelfth in Belgian land.
    SURPRISES – Time british rising production – Claudia Fragapane coming in tenth and Ruby Harrold, who was seventeenth in 2013, coming in eleventh. How good miner, the subjects of the Queen will conquering its space at the edges. Alla Sosniskaya proves that matured from its debut last year, ranking seventh. Elsabeth Black, was the thirteenth to ninth place, improving its ranking. Marta Pihan-Kulecza, veteran,, 27 years, get a good placement in fourteenth place. Asuka Teramoto, the eighteenth in 2013, came in ninth place. First for gymnastics of Portugal, Ana Filipa Martins made ​​not only got a place, and also a creditable sixteenth place. But the hype of the final result was the oldest gymnast in the competition, Jessica Arocha, who made the race of his life, at 28, bequeathing an unprecedented eighth place not only for the Venezuelan fitness, but also for the South American gymnastics.
    DISAPPOINTMENTS – Erika Fasana and Anila Stanila prove that their teams today rely exclusively on their veteran gymnasts. Shanchung Shang plummeted and Laura Waem four positions, staying in last place. Elsa Blancas, Lisa Katherine Hill and Natsumi Sasada disputing the last positions also not accredit to the highest flights. Two disappointments were heartfelt – Aliya Mustafina, throwing away a guaranteed podium, taking fourth, and Giulia Steingruber, the sharpest drop, falling eight places, she who was placed seventh in 2013.

  2. xexeo says:

    VAULT – No McKayla Maroney, global three-time champion, attentions are divided between Simone Biles and Hong Un Jong, vetarana 25 years. Not be repeating the final Oksana Chusovitina, Chantysha Netteb (whose crash took this proves the World last year), Yamillet Abreu and Teja Belak. In their places will be Alla Sosnitskaya, McKayla Skinner, Alexa Medina, leading Mexico to an unprecedented decision, Phan Thi, and Claudia Fragapane. Giulia Steingruber closes the start list. In recap, Larissa Iordache, Indian feeling Dipa Karmakar – unprecedented feat – and Elsabeth Black, also in the recap in Antwerp.
    BARS – Simone Biles, Sophie Scheder Kyla Ross and not the final reprise of Antwerp – Ross was in the recap, along with Larissa Miller and veteran Jessica Arocha, another first for Venezuela. Ashton Locklear will take their places in their final single for appliances, the only German in the end, Lisa Katherine Hill and Daria Spiridonova. Rebecca Downie- European champions in 2014 this unit and Ruby Harrold – who will try to not fall this time, Mustafina, Jinnan Yao and Huang Huidan close the start list. Who was in the playoffs last year illustrious three absences – Tatiana Nabieva, Elizabeth Seitz and Natsumi Sasada.

  3. xexeo says:

    Hung Su Jong breaks a fast of seven years for North Korea when he won silver in the long jump 2007 With this result, Jong becomes the best athlete in the country in the World, with three medals – one gold, one silver and one bronze, overcoming Kim Kwang Suk pioneer, gold on uneven bars in 1991, until then the North Korean best ranked match. Besides both, Yung Kang Mi was silver in the long jump 2003. hitherto unbeatable Simone Biles took silver and bronze with McKayla Skinner, joining the Gold Wednesday. Thi Phen and Giulia Steingruber were disappointments, the first throwing away the only chance to take the podium and visibly apathetic Switzerland, finishing fifth in the past year she finished fourth. Alexa Medina made ​​history and Alla Sosnitskaya and Claudia Fragapane still have a lot to improve.
    Jinnah Yao, Huang Huidan disenchanted to China and make gold and silver. Daria Spiridonova takes the second bronze. Ashton Locklear had their fifteen minutes of fame. The English team, if not dropped, not confirmed expectations, especially Rebecca Downie, European champion on the bars in 2014, along with Ruby Harrold. Lisa Katherine Hill shows that B is just a gymnast, but the biggest disappointment was again Aliya Mustafina, finishing sixth and seeing a pupil podium.

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