Worlds 2013: USA name WAG selection


USAG have named their WAG selection for Antwerp as McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross, Brenna Dowell & Simone Biles.

What are your thoughts on the selection? Leave a comment below.



  1. Ryan says:

    Wrong decision they should’ve picked Ernst! I’m a little off put by this seeing as how Peyton can out score dowell on beam for sure and dowells bars just aren’t good enough to medal at worlds(in my opinion).

  2. Rien says:

    I totally agree! And Ernst could fill in as an AAer better if she was needed. But I guess I have to be happy for Brenna, this is really her only chance to go to a Worlds, even though she will most likely not qualify for anything…

  3. keepitrealin2013 says:

    Okay I don’t understand “Brenna Dowell” being selected. I watched her on youtube and I’m not impressed. If “Elizabeth Price” was the non-traveling Alt why not make her part of the 4 then make “Brenna Dowell” the non-traveling Alt.? Price has done more International Competition, plus Price has scored higher than Dowell on UB and BB so I’m not understanding why she was selected, someone PLEASE explain.

  4. ribbonofangels says:

    Maroney, Ross, and Biles are so obvious choices. However, I prefer Peyton Ernst to Brenna Dowell. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she can do just fine, that’s just my personal vision for the team. And I know exactly who I’ll be watching on vault – McKayla Maroney (no matter what anyone says, Biles is just not as good). Fingers crossed for the TTY!

  5. Rien says:

    Maroney is not even training the TTY let alone gonna compete it. Biles is training it, but it is not competition ready. We will not be seeing it this year for sure.

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