Worlds 2011: Women’s Team Final Coverage & Schedule


Today is one of the biggest days of the World Championships – the Women’s Team Final. All of the action will kick off at 7pm Tokyo time.


Line Up:

View the PDF of the Start List here.


  • Vault: Raisman, Wieber, Maroney
  • Bars: Vega, Wieber, Douglas
  • Beam: Vega, Raisman, Wieber
  • Floor: Maroney, Wieber, Raisman


  • Bars: Haidu, Racea, Porgras
  • Beam: Racea, Ponor, Porgras
  • Floor: Chelaru, Bulimar, Ponor
  • Vault: Chelaru, Haidu, Pono

Great Britain

  • Vault: Francis, Whelan, Cairns
  • Bars: Whelan, Downie, Tweddle
  • Beam: Pinches, Francis, Whelan
  • Floor: Cairns, Whelan, Tweddle


  • Vault: Shintake, Teramoto, Tanaka
  • Bars: Tanaka, Teramoto, Tsurumi
  • Beam: Teramoto, Minobe, Tsurumi
  • Floor: Oshima, Tanaka, Tsurumi


  • Vault: Afanasyeva, Komova, Nabieva
  • Bars: Dementyeva, Komova, Nabieva
  • Beam: Inshina, Komova, Dementyeva
  • Floor: Belokobylskaya, Komova, Afanasyeva


  • Beam: Brennan, Monckton, Mitchell
  • Floor: Miller, Brennan, Mitchell
  • Vault: Brennan, Little, Mitchell
  • Bars: Brown, Mitchell, Miller
  • Bars: Yao, Huang, Tan
  • Beam: Yao, Tan, Sui
  • Floor: Tan, Yao, Sui
  • Vault: Jiang, Huang, Yao
  • Vault: Jarosch, Seitz, Chusovitina
  • Bars: Bui, Hill, Seitz
  • Beam: Jarosch, Chusovitina, Seitz
  • Floor: Bui, Seitz, Jarosch

Rotation Breakdown:

The team shown first will compete first followed by the team listed second.
Rotation 1 – 7pm Tokyo / 11am UK / 1pm Romania
  • USA & RUS – Vault
  • CHI & ROM – Bars
  • JPN & AUS – Beam
  • GER & GBR – Floor
Rotation 2 – 7.30pm Tokyo / 11:30am UK / 1:30pm Romania
  • GBR & GER – Vault
  • RUS & USA – Bars
  • ROU & CHN – Beam
  • AUS & JPN – Floor
Rotation 3 – 8pm Tokyo / 12pm UK / 2pm Romania
  • JPN & AUS – Vault
  • GER & GBR – Bars
  • USA & RUS – Beam
  • CHI & ROU – Floor

Rotation 4 – 8.30pm Tokyo / 12:30pm UK / 2:30pm Romania

  • ROM & CHI – Vault
  • AUS & JPN – Bars
  • GBR & GER – Beam
  • RUS & USA – Floor

Television & Online Viewing Coverage

Full information is available in our Complete Guide: World Gymnastics Championships Schedule & Coverage.

United Kingdom & Ireland (BBC2)

United States

  • Universal Sports – 5:50am (Use code “USAGYM” to save $5 when purchasing your subscription)


RTVE: 1:50 – 14:10h. Equipos femenino

In the past the following links have provided free online streaming for gymnastics events. It is possibly, not certain, that they might show the competition tomorrow:




Another option to watch the BBC Online footage from outside the UK may be to download and install the Stealthy add-on for Mozilla Firefox. I used this for the USA VISA Championships and it worked great. You can configure your network settings for the UK and should hopefully be able to watch the BBC iPlayer live feed of the competition.

Online Social Media Coverage

There will be plenty of online coverage to follow for those who can’t watch:

My money is on the USA to win. All I ask is that the routines are judged fairly, those who deserve to win do so and that we have no more serious injuries.


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