Worlds 2011: Womens All Around Final


Over the last 24 hours there has been a lot of hating and bickering between gymnastics fans over who should have won the Women’s All Around Final – Viktoria Komova or Jordyn Wieber.  Cudos to The Couch Gymnast for asking fans to put an end to this bickering, I don’t normally quote a whole post from another site but this time I feel I should:

Imagine waking up in the morning after doing the thing you have worked so hard at for all your short life, something you earned and something you strove for, just to see that you have earned little but ire from so many around you for achieving your dream.  Maybe if your dream was to be  elected the president of some sort of fascist, right-wing  evil political party, that would make sense.  But to be a sixteen-year-old World Champion in the sport of gymnastics and to be treated this way by fans of the sport is just ridiculous.  I like to decline as few comments as possible on this site, but today I have rejected more than I ever have in all the time I have been blogging and I am quite shocked at people’s horrible attitudes.  There is a distinct line between speaking your mind and getting nasty.

I appreciate that there are people out there that think Komova was ‘robbed’, that she should have won.  They will never stop thinking that and I don’t really feel it is my job to try and change their minds.

But what on earth has that got to do with Jordyn Wieber, the winner of last night’s competition?

Nothing at all.

The truly negative thing about this competition is not the outcome, or even those who question the outcome, that is their right.  It is those who feel the need to be nasty and derisive about a gymnasts in making that claim that I abhor.  This is getting ugly. Stop it.

For well over a decade now we have rarely seen a gymnast win a major title without some sort of error.  Last night all three gymnasts on the podium had errors of some sort.  That too is the nature of the sport.  As John Geddert said of his athlete;

She didn’t succumb to pressure on bars, she just made a mistake. The USA machine finally had a flaw today. You can’t ask for any more out of a kid or an athlete, that’s for sure. (via Examiner)

Komova was quite frank about her own mistakes too.

Jordyn Wieber is, let it be said, a magnificent athlete.   Wieber is tough, consistent and more driven than most adults I have known or will ever know.  For those who think she doesn’t have artistry, I agree with the reader who commented, ‘she has it in spades”.  Just because choreography is not redolent of Soviet choreography does not make it not artistry.  I think Wieber’s floor routine is one of the most fun and engaging out there.

Let’s celebrate the great gymnastics we saw last night instead, huh?  And hey, why not even enjoy the diversity instead of hating on it. It’s boring. Take it elsewhere.

Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinions but please don’t be nasty about it. I for one am glad that Jordyn Wieber won, I find her to be an exceptional athlete, to me she has the full package. Viktoria Komova is also an exceptional athlete and I would have been happy if either had won, as both gymnasts were well capable of winning the gold but I am concerned for her well being. Vika looks tired, worn out and not too well. A member of the IG forum pointed out that she looked healthier at 2010’s Youth Olympic Games. Obviously she has been training and competing a lot in Tokyo, it would be enough to wear anyone out but Wieber coped much better. By the end of Vika’s floor routine when she completed her final floor tumble she just seemed so relieved to get it over and done with. It’s sad that she seemed so angry with herself in the interviews that followed the medal presentation.

This year has been the year of Jordyn Wieber, she hasn’t lost a competition in three years, she’s been healthy, she’s been consistent.  Vika has had a tough year, surgery, recovering from injury after a massively successful 2010. I think John Geddert has it right, she’s not at 100% health and strength just yet.

I hope Viktoria can hold her head up high and feel proud of herself and know what a brilliant gymnast she is. She has another 3 event finals to compete in so I hope that she does her best, although I’m hoping we don’t see the face above again if Wieber beats her. I would love to see her go into the bars, beam and floor finals, all guns blazing and do her absolute best and be proud of herself no matter what the result.

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