Worlds Today: Training 2/10/11


All of the ladies were hard at work today in Tokyo, and by ladies I don’t just mean the gymnasts. Blythe Lawrence (Gymnastics Examiner), Brigid McCarthy (The Couch Gymnast) and Anne Phillips (Gymnastike) have been working very hard today at the women’s training practice. The ladies worked hard together, Blythe live blogging, Brigid taking her beautiful photographs and Anne filming what we all want to see the most!So, what news did the ladies have for us today?


Blythe didn’t happen to see too much of the Romanians. I’m keen to know how they’re looking without the injured Sandra Izbasa. Brigid wasn’t impressed with their pre flight form, hopefully they can tidy that up, they need all the points they can get without Izbasa.  The girls did dance throughs on floor and their jumps and leaps were said to be good.

Great Britain

The girls looked great on beam apparently, a good thing for GBR. They had a good vault session, most just vaulting FTY’s and a few thrown Yurchenko 1.5’s in for good measure, we do know that Hannah Whelan debuted a DTY at the GBR V POR V ROU friendly 2 weeks ago, so hopefully that will emerge soon. It didn’t sound like Beth Tweddle had the best practice,  falling alot in tumbling passes on floor. Newbie Laura Edwards however was in excellent form on floor according to Blythe. Imogen Cairns stuck her beam routine, Jenni Pinches also looked good but Danusia Francis apparently had a few “tense moments” in her routine. I’m really excited to see Cairns competing on beam again. Becky Downie is back, practiced on bars and had a hard fall but soldiered on. Speaking of the GBR team, you can read up on them here.



Blythe described their practice session as “business like” – no talking, no hanging around, just work. I’m really liking the USA’s training leotards. From Anne’s videos, they looked fantastic on beam and floor but Blythe names Maroney as the weakest link on beam due to some falls and wobbles. Below are just a few of my favourite videos from today’s practice. The most worrying news from the USA’s session was that Anna Li didn’t train on any apparatus, could she be nursing an injury? Only time will tell. Good news though, Sacramone didn’t go out of bounds on floor, Brigid felt that the floor routines were a little shaky from some. The beautiful picture above is by The Couch Gymnast.

Sacramone and Wieber on beam

Raisman on beam

Sacramone working on floor

Wieber on floor


The Russian girls were kitted out in silver and pink leotards. Brigid was not impressed with their bar work – describing it as “shambolic”. While the Russian’s didn’t have a great training session overall, Komova did not fair well on floor. She apparently struggled on one floor set in particular, falling and crashing all over the place. This is common of the Russians in practice but as always they pull it out of the bag on the day. Although apparently they looked better today than they did on day one of training in Rotterdam last year.


Overall it sounds like the Ozzie girls were in good form, especially Monckton. A few hiccups on floor but nothing too catastrophic. Not much to report in the way of World Floor Champion Lauren Mitchell although the word is that she has gotten to grips with her whip to double arabian pass.

Please follow the ladies above throughout the World Championships for amazing coverage. It’s hard work but even on day one they are doing a fantastic job. Make sure to view Full Twists Complete Guide: World Gymnastics Championships 2011 Schedule & Coverage. You can also download a PDF version of the schedule to print here.

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