Worlds 2011: Men’s All Around Final Schedule & Coverage


The Men’s All Around Final takes place in Tokyo today. All of the action will kick off at 7pm Tokyo time, see below for the full timing schedule.


October 14th: Men’s All Around Final

Tokyo: 7pm – 9:30pm

UK: 11am – 1:30pm

USA EST: 6am – 8:30am

ROM: 1pm – 3:30pm

Line Up:

1. Kohei Uchimura

2. John Orozco

3. Danell Leyva

4. Koji Yamamuro

5. Daniel Purvis

6. Philipp Boy

7. Emin Garabov

8. Nikolai Kuksenkov

9. Marcel Nguyen

10. Rafael Martinez

11. Cyril Tomassone

12. Luis Rivera

13. Flavius Koczi

14. Anton Fokin

15. David Belyavskiy

16. Kim Seungil

17. Teng Haibin

18. Kim Soo Myun

19. Marian Dragulescu

20. Alexander Shatilov

21. Tomas Gonzalez

22. Oleg Stepko

23. Andrey Likhovitskiy

24. Pascal Bucher

Rotation Breakdown:

View the PDF of the Start List here.

Rotation 1 -7pm Tokyo
  • Floor: Purvis, Yamamuro, Leyva, Orozco, Uchimura, Boy
  • Pommel: Tommasone, Martinez, Nguyen, Kuksenkov, Garibov, Gafuik
  • Rings: Teng, Kim, Belyavskiy, Fokin, Koczi, Kim SM
  • Vault: Likhovitskiy, Stepko, Gonzalez, Shatilov, Gomez, Bucher
Rotation 2 – 7:25pm Tokyo
  • Pommel: Yamamuro, Leyva, Orozco, Uchimura, Boy, Purvis
  • Rings: Martinez, Nguyen, Kuksenkov, Garibov, Gafuik, Tommasone
  • Vault: Kim, Belyavskiy, Fokin, Koczi, Kim SM, Teng
  • Parallel Bars: Stepko, Gonzalez, Shatilov, Gomez, Bucher, Likhovitskiy
Rotation 3 – 7:50pm Tokyo
  • Rings: Leyva, Orozco, Uchimura, Boy, Purvis, Yamamuro
  • Vault: Nguyen, Kuksenkov, Garibov, Gafuik, Tommsaone, Martinez
  • Parallel Bars: Belyavskiy, Fokin, Koczi, Kim SM, Teng, Kim
  • High Bar: Gonzelaz, Shatilov, Gomez, Bucher, Likhovitskiy, Stepko
Rotation 4 – 8:15pm Tokyo
  • Floor: Shatilov, Gomez, Bucher, Likhovitskiy, Stepko, Gonzalez
  • Vault: Orozco, Uchimura, Boy, Purvis, Yamamuro, Leyva
  • Parallel Bars: Kuksenkov, Garibov, Gafuik, Tommsaone, Martinez, Nguyen
  • High Bar: Fokin, Koczi, Kim SM, Teng, Kim, Belyavskiy
Rotation 5 – 8:40pm Tokyo
  • Floor: Koczi, Kim SM, Teng, Kim, Belyavskiy, Fokin
  • Pommel: Gomez, Bucher, Likhovitskiy, Stepko, Gonzalez, Shatilov
  • Parallel Bars: Uchimura, Boy, Purvis, Yamamuro, Leyva, Orozco
  • High Bar: Garibov, Gafuik, Tommsaone, Martinez, Nguyen, Kuksenkov
Rotation 6 – 9:05pm Tokyo
  • Floor: Gafuik, Tommsaone, Martinez, Nguyen, Kuksenkov, Garibov
  • Pommel: Kim SM, Teng, Kim, Belyavskiy, Fokin, Koczi
  • Rings: Bucher, Likhovitskiy, Stepko, Gonzalez, Shatilov
  • Vault: Orozco, Uchimura, Boy, Purvis, Yamamuro, Leyva
  • Parallel Bars: Kuksenkov, Garibov, Gafuik, Tommsaone, Martinez, Nguyen
  • High Bar:  Boy, Purvis, Yamamuro, Leyva, Orozco, Uchimura

Television & Online Viewing Coverage

Full information is available in our Complete Guide: World Gymnastics Championships Schedule & Coverage.

United Kingdom & Ireland (BBC2)

  • BBC Red Button / Online 10:50am  – 1:50pm
  • BBC 2 / Online – 1pm – 3pm

United States

  • Universal Sports .com– 5:50am ET (Use code “USAGYM” to save $5 when purchasing your subscription)

In the past the following links have provided free online streaming for gymnastics events. It is possibly, not certain, that they might show the competition tomorrow:

This link has been most reliable so far



Another option to watch the BBC Online footage from outside the UK is to to download and install the Stealthy add-on for Mozilla Firefox. I used this for the USA VISA Championships and it worked great. You can configure your network settings for the UK and should hopefully be able to watch the BBC iPlayer live feed of the competition.

Online Social Media Coverage

There will be plenty of online coverage to follow for those who can’t watch so you are literally spoilt:

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