Worlds 2011: Jordyn Wieber Women’s All Around Champion


Jordyn Wieber is the 2011 World Gymnastics Championships All Around Champion! Making her the sixth US gymnast to win the title. View the full results below. A nice prediction by Full Twist 🙂





 Image via USAG on Facebook


  1. aaron says:

    That’s what I thought this young girl is amazing. No matter what she won by Jordyn Wieber is the new AA World Champion! GREAT JOB JORDYN!!! USA all the way Team and now All Around Champion!

  2. pal says:

    Komova was robbed of the gold!

  3. aaron says:

    @ pal: Why do people like you get on here and always say people were robbed? If anyone was robbed it was Wieber by the score they gave her on bars. Komova got what she deserved and that was second. After her performance she gave in team finals she better be happy to have walked away with silver. The one gymnast that was consistent between the two was Wieber not Komova. Komova was good team pre-qualifications (01) team finals (03) all around finals (02). You’re supposed to stay at one not drop down from 1st to 3rd then think you’re going win it. Wieber team pre-qualifications (02) Team Finals (01) all around final (01)

  4. Angela says:

    @aaron, did you even watch the AA competition? ’cause regardless of past issues with consistency, Komova was extremely consistent during the AA competition this time. Weiber was the one that faltered noticeably on BARS. It’s what athletes bring to the competition on the day that counts in the end. After Komova finished her FX routine, the majority of viewers in the arena thought she had the Gold in the bag, so when Weiber outscored her, it definitely came as a surprise. Why are you so indignant about Weiber’s suspect win? There’s bound to be talk when the AA Gold medalist outscored the runner-up when she didn’t even hit 4 for 4.

  5. Tmoney says:

    Jordyn won 3of 4 events and her bars wasn’t as bad as you haters say she clearly win Jordyn went basically 11for 12 and I do believe the judges were pro komova that’s how international judges work I believe jordyns beam was better than komova all three times and floor

  6. aaron says:

    @ Angela I saw the whole thing, did you or were just looking at Komova with your bias opinion & saying how wonderful of a gymnast she is? The bottom line is she got second and lost to Wieber. This competition isn’t what you think it should be it’s what the panel of judges thinks it should be (international, not one American judge so can the” it’s fixed” story.) They have start values and then the judge’s start with deductions from there. Komova was not anywhere near what she was on team qualifications. She bombed on team finals (two 13‘s), then she mistake on floor. Her start total coming into the AA final was 64.6 Wieber 65. She would have had the competition if she wouldn’t have messed up on her on her pirouette leg hold or “Memmel.” The one thing Komova showed this whole time is she is very inconsistent. Went from 1st (team qualifications) to 3rd (team finals) to 2nd (all around finals) after being in the lead 2nd & 3rd rotation that is not an all around gymnast, It was hers to lose not anyone else. Jordyn had one major mistake and the judges nailed her for it on bars which they were way harsher than what they did to Komova on floor. Jordyn’s floor start value is a 16.0/ Komova 15.9 that .1 difference helps Wieber out. Komova was not robbed she got what she deserved based on what she performed at the time. Uneven bars are the only place that she had Jordyn. Jordyn had her beat on Vault, Beam & Floor (with her step out of bounds). Get over it Russia lost to the US & Komova lost to Wieber. Komova can attempt to redeem herself on bars, but the way she’s going that’s even a maybe? That is the only event where she stands a chance to win gold. Maroney (vault), Raisman (floor), Sui (beam). Going based off scores produced by Komova. She’ll lose to Raisman & Wieber on floor, she’ll lose to Sui & Wieber on beam & she’s not in the vault final. I think if you actually listen to what the commentators are saying it will make more sense, not just go by what your untrained eye sees.

  7. aaron says:

    @ angela Also Komova DID NOT HIT 4 for 4, “If” she hit 4 for 4 Komova would have scored Vault (15.8) Bars (16.7), Beam (16.2), Floor (15.9) not what she actually scored Vault (14.933), Bars (15.400), Beam (14.683), Floor (14.333). Anything else you’d like to say?

  8. lilian says:


  9. Anon says:

    Komova was robbed? Of what? She was better than Weiber on 1/4 of the events. That’s why it’s called the All-Around. Given the current scoring system, she had to be perfect to match Weiber’s higher difficulty (minus bars of course). Komova was NOT perfect. Far from it, as the little silly deductions added up in a race that tight. Think back to 2008 and Nastia’s AA title. She was perfect on her weaker events where her difficulty scores couldnt match her competitors. She stuck every landing and gave absolutely nothing away. Under this scoring system, that’s what you have to do, and the Russian failed to do so. Blame the system all you want, but Komova did not deserve gold based on this system.

  10. anonymous says:

    It’s a shame Wieber was so underscored, making it seem closer than it should have been.

    Komova had large deductions on her 2nd tumbling pass (poorly controlled landing -0.3), her final pass (very low landing -0.3, lack of height -0.1, hop -0.1, -0.1 legs apart), and she fell out of her Memmel turn (-0.3). Wieber had no major errors, only a -0.1 for stepping out and a few landing deductions. I thought some of Komova’s dance during the routine was sloppy; she appeared tired. Jordan appeared crisp, with movements coordinated to the music.

    Komova wobbled throughout the entire beam routine. Missed connections. It was a very shaky performance. Wieber only had a couple of tiny balance checks, otherwise perfect.

    Wieber beat her on 3 of 4 events. There is really no good argument for Komova winning. Wieber’s bar mistake was simply not big enough for Komova to win only with her bar routine.

  11. aaron says:

    @ anonymous: Thank you well said/put!

  12. Christian says:

    Wow, only just noticed how weirdly-shaped Jordyn’s leo makes her body look. Creepy!

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