Worlds 2011: Irish MAG Podium Training Videos

MAG team Worlds compressed

This is one for the Irish Gymnastics fans mostly. Videos of the guys from Podium Training.

Image via Irish Gymnastics

Coach Simon Gale, gymnasts Kieran, Luke and Rohan and coach Xiao Yuan in Tokyo


Rohan – Floor


Rohan – Pommel


Rohan – Vault


Luke – Pommel

Kieran’s coach Simon Gale wrote to Full Twist after podium training:

Podium went well. Not perfect, but if they were I would probably worry that the lads would have peaked too soon. With podeum don, the lads seem more relaxed. Judges Colm and Dennis told me that they had many good comments about the standard of our lads. With all three looking so good and our three other seniors not here and gearing up for North Euros if selected (Ant O’Donnell, Chris O’Connor and Geoff Rellis) next years team Euros looks like a team many European nations would envy.

The lads have had a relaxed day. All three had a lie in. Kieran and Luke went to train just after lunch for a stretch out and swing about. The gym has never looked more empty. only the Hungarians and Germans from our group were in. Hungary like us took it easy. The German gym machine however was powering through full routines like it was a competition. Impresive to watch!

Rohan caught up with a Uni team mate in the mexican team and trained in the afternoon.
Back to hard work for all three in the morning.
Its great to see the lads keeping such a great team spirit despite there only being one place up for grabs for Ireland at the London test event and final Olympic qualification. There is almost nothing to seperate the three lads. May the best man win!

Thanks Simon, sounds like the guys are getting on great, I’ve read nothing but good compliments online.

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