Worlds today: Irish MAG Podium Training 5/10/11


Irish MAG gymnasts Rohan Sebastian, Kieran Behan and Luke Carson began Podium Training today. Rick from Gymnastics Coaching has been keeping a close eye on the boys for us where the guys plans were to go through their routines cleanly and quickly. He chatted to briefly to Luke and Kieran before the session. They were up on floor first, Behan receiving only minor deductions and one out of bounds, overall Rick called it a “very clean”. Blythe from the Gymnastics Examiner describes it as

7:48 p.m.: Ireland’s Kieran Behan does a nice floor routine. Not super difficult stuff, but well performed all the same, and with some special flairs. He appears to do a full twisting windmill (that’s what I call it, anyway) from a roundoff into a corner. How nice to have some variety on floor! This event badly, badly needs it.

of Rohan’s floor she says:

7:41 p.m.: Ireland’s Rohan Sebastian, who has lived in New Zealand, trained at Bart Conner’s in Oklahoma and now competes for the University of Michigan, has a beautiful triple full on floor. Decent Randi too.

Rick says that Ireland are submitting a new move to the FIG for evaluation – “Butterfly Backward with a full twist” is how he described it. Interesting, can’t wait to see that!

Pommel Horse – both Kieran and Rohan suffered falls, unfortunately Kieran twice.  Luke hit his routine well.

Rings – Rohan hits a clean routine. Luke hits. Kieran ends with a simple clean front full dismount. A good session on rings for Ireland. From Gymnastics Examiner:

8:24 p.m.: Over on rings, Luke Carson of Ireland gets a pat on the back from Kieran Behan after his routine, which ends with a full in tuck (Luke’s routine, not Kieran’s). This does not look like an easy event for Carson, being so tall, but he gets through with a great sense of determination. Behan, shorter, has an easier time with the strength parts, though he dismounts with a relatively simple front full. 

Parallel Bars – Luke hit his routine once again – “super clean” but a few small steps were taken on landing.Unfortunately Rick missed the other 2 routines, the Germans were on high bar, can you blame him!

Vault – all good vaults according to Rick although Rohan was inconsistent in his DTY meanwhile Kieran stuck a -Yurchenko 1.5 ” like a knife in a plank. Best V landing all day”. Good going!!

High Bar –  Kieran’s routine was clean but ran out of the dismount. Rohan unfortunately missed far on his Kovacs and once again Luke hit his routine.



Ireland’s Luke Carson

Thank you to both Rick and Blythe for providing such great information on the Irish guys, we know that any information that can be given from Tokyo is important to many people in Ireland. We’re looking forward to hearing from Coach Simon Gale as to how he felt the guys got on.


  1. Did I forget H Bar?


    Keiran … Clean. Ran out of dismount.

    Rohan … missed far on Kovacs

    Luke … Hit.

  2. Gilly Carson says:

    Grateful for the updates – Ireland thanx you !! .. as do our adopted Team fans in Michigan Wolverines, where Rohan trains with Irish Coach Xiao Yuan, Huntingdon, uk where Luke trains with Paul Hall (GB Coach) Louis Smith and Dan Keatings, and Keiran trains with Irish Coach Simon Gale in Tolworth. Looking forward to Qualifications and hope you are able to keep an eye on them all then too !!

  3. Admin says:

    or else i might have not seen the tweet 🙂 Thanks Rick, you’re a sweetheart 🙂

  4. Dymphna O'Connor says:

    Im just loving seeing Ireland being covered so well… It’s brilliant… thanks a million to Blythe and Rick..

  5. Admin says:

    No probs Gilly! 😉

  6. Matthew O'Connor says:

    Thanks for the great coverage!

  7. Admin says:

    No probs Matthew, trying to get all the coverage I can into the one place! Hope we’ll see you at Worlds soon 🙂

  8. Simon Gale says:

    Podium went well. Not perfect, but if they were I would probably worry that the lads would have peaked too soon. With podeum don, the lads seem more relaxed. Judges Colm and Dennis told me that they had many good comments about the standard of our lads. With all three looking so good and our three other seniors not here and gearing up for North Euros if selected (Ant O’Donnell, Chris O’Connor and Geoff Rellis) next years team Euros looks like a team many European nations would envy.

    The lads hve had a relaxed day. All three had a lie in. Kieran and Luke went to train just after lunch for a stretch out and swing about. The gym has never looked more empty. only the Hungarians and Germans from our group were in. Hungary like us took it easy. The German gym machine however was powering through full routines like it was a competition. Impresive to watch!

    Rohan caught up with a Uni team mate in the mexican team and trained in the afternoon.
    Back to hard work for all three in the morning.
    Its great to see the lads keeping such a great team spirit despite there only being one place up for grabs for Ireland at the London test event and final Olympic qualification. There is almost nothing to seperate the three lads. May the best man win!

  9. Admin says:

    Thanks so much Simon, fantastic to hear from you. Wow, sounds like we’ll have an excellent full team for Euro’s in 2012, I can’t wait! Thanks so much again and keep in touch. Best of luck to the guys, here’s hoping one of them earns a place at the Olympics.

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