Worlds 2011: China MAG Qualification Line Up


Via Chinese Gymnastics Blog

FX: Chen Yibing, Teng Haibin, Zhang Chenglong, Zou Kai, Feng Zhe
PH: Chen Yibing, Guowei Yang, Zhang Chenglong, Teng Haibin, Zou Kai
SR: Feng Zhe, Guo Weiyang, Teng Haibin, Chen Yibing, Zhang Chenglong
VT: Teng Haibin, Zou Kai, Chen Yibing, Zhang Chenglong, Feng Zhe
PB: Zou Kai, Guo Weiyang, Zhang Chenglong, Teng Haibin, Feng Zhe
HB: Guo Weiyang, Teng Haibin, Zhang Chenglong, Zou Kai, Feng Zhe

2008 Olympian gold Team, Floor and High Bar winner Zou Kai was originally named alternate. Where is Lu Bo? Did I miss something?

**Update** Lu Bo withdrew in September due to a wrist injury – thanks John!

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  1. John says:

    Lu Bo withdrew due to wrist injury, and his replacement Yan Mingyong is now the team’s alternate.

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