World Gymnastics Championships 2011

Can’t wait for Tokyo 2011. Funny how Nastia is pictured on the website…


  1. Amy says:

    FINALLY. I have been googling Tokyo 2011 for ages trying to find their website! They must have JUST put it up! Yayyyy I hope and pray there is a way I can be there!

  2. Admin says:

    me too Amy!!

  3. Katelyn says:

    Does anyone know how to obtain tickets to this event? I’m doing a lot of googling and cant find anything about ticket sales…

  4. Amy says:


    As Katelyn said, I too have been wondering how to purchase tickets for this event?

    Can ANYONE help me out, and I’m sure others too 🙂 Does anyone also know if tickets can be aquired internationally? Throught a local ATR (authorised ticket retailer) for your specific country maybe???

    Thanks ^U^

  5. Granny M. says:

    I applaud the skill, artistry, determination and dedication of gymnasts. I also have severe concerns that some of the world’s best will go to Tokyo to be exposed to radiation from Fukushima and food contaminated with radiation.
    Please consider that experts are now saying that Toyko may need to be evacuated.

    Please consider that prime athletes are the gene pool the world will most need to survive into the future.
    A measure of the health of a society is how well it protects its young.
    Do not fail in this directive.

    In the competitive frenzy and the realities of avoiding the World Championship I expect to be written off as a crazy old woman. Still I must write this in hopes that some will read, and not too many will look back with regret.

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