Why Irish Sport Matters


Yes, Full Twist is going political…but with a good cause.

We are all currently aware of Ireland’s current financial and political trouble. At the end of this week the country is set to go to the polls for possibly the most important General Election ever in the history of the State. The candidates have been on the campaign trail strongly for the past 3 weeks while their parties lay out their manifesto’s and promote why the public should vote for them to run the country.

Obviously, it is important to fix the country’s economy but different people also have different issues close to their hearts also such as the  Civil Partnership Act, abortion,  universal healthcare etc. Previously the Irish Sports Council made a submission to Mary Hanafin (the current / last government’s Minister for Sport) highlighting the importance of support and funding to sport in Ireland.  Website Irish Sport Matters has been keeping an eye on the manifestos that each of the main political parties (Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour, Green Party and Sinn Fein) has released in the run up to the Election. Once the Dáil was dissolved, the Federation of Irish Sports began to liase with the parties and put the following questions to them:

1. Which of your parties policies and plans harness sport’s impact on health, the economy and quality of life?

2. Is your party committed to maintaining the current level of state investment in Irish sport over the life of the next government?

3. What proportion of National Lottery proceeds will your party earmark to fund sport?

Sinn Fein, Fine Gael and Labour all have opinions or have included the future of sport in their manifestos whilst the Green Party and Fianna Fáil made no provision in relation to sport in theirs. The Federation of Irish Sports is calling on those involved in sport to put these questions to the canvassing political parties, after all there are large number of people in Ireland involved in sport;

  • 68 National Governing Bodies of Sport in Ireland including the GAA, IRFU & FAI, the Olympic Council of Ireland, the Paralympic Council of Ireland and Special Olympics Ireland
  • 32 Local Sports Partnerships
  • 1.7 million actively participate in Sport
  • 270,000 adults who volunteer in sport each week
  • 83% of primary school students who engage in sport outside school
  • 64% of post primary pupils participate in sport outside school and millions of Irish people both at home and all the over world for whom Irish Sport Matters

I for one strongly agree that no more cuts should be made to sport and think that the question “Which of your parties policies and plans harness sport’s impact on health, the economy and quality of life?” is an excellent question for the Irish public to be putting to canvassers at their door. We are all aware of the increasing problems with childhood and adult obesity which really need to be addressed, cutting funds to sport certainly won’t help this.

It was also announced last week that €7.8 million will be invested in high performance athletes and sports in 2011 – great for those posed for 2012. The Irish Sports Council announced a major funding package for 2011 with a total €25.6 million which will be invested into 57 National Governing Bodies of Sport, including 18 high performance sports, and 32 Local Sports Partnerships. Good going, lets hope that the new Government (when elected) helps to protect and contribute to Irish Sport also. It would be great to see more Irish athletes on the international scene.

Have any Irish readers posed the above question to their local candidates? What was their response?

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