Which 2008 USA Olympian has the best shot at making the London 2012 team?


The latest discussion in between the members of the Gymnastics McLaughlin Group is the following:

Which 2008 U.S. Olympian has the best shot at making 2012?

Without knowing Nastia Liukin’s status, is she training with the aim of 2012 or not, I decided I can’t include her in my decision. Ultimately if she was and is on top form I would have chosen her for my answer. I was a little pushed for time thinking of answers so I felt without knowing where Johnson is at (she’s been quiet which is a good thing!) I didn’t want to pick her either. From what I’ve seen of each of the gymnasts in recent months, it would make me say Sacramone. As I’ve said before, in this sport of gymnastics you never know, there’s always surprises that you weren’t expecting.

Check the discussion out over on the Gymnastics Examiner.

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  1. Celia says:

    i dont think spots on the team is the issue. if she were top three on bars and beam, there would be room for her on the team. but i dont think she’s really triainng. however, i will say that the creative director of the tour title is probably just that, a title. i doubt she’s really doing any of the organizing or planning.

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