What’s up in March?


Article by: Anna Rose Johnson

With the first large international gymnastics meet of the year—the American Cup—behind us, it’s time to focus on some important upcoming competitions!

In this post, I’ll highlight three spectacular meets to be held this March and give my thoughts on what makes them intriguing!

Cottbus World Cup (March 13th-16th)

Cottbus has an exciting roster so far. Two of the participating gymnasts include first-year seniors Maria Kharenkova (Russia) and Andreea Munteanu (Romania). Andreea, like many Romanians, excels impressively on balance beam and floor exercise. And Maria is excellent on those apparatus too, which is great because Russians are often strongest on uneven bars. I have been looking forward to seeing Andreea and Maria in action as seniors for some time. They’ve been on the radar for several years and are serious contenders for the World teams of their respective countries.

City of Jesolo Trophy (March 22nd-23rd)

This is always a superb competition. It’s one of the few international meets in which the U.S. women compete, and it features senior and junior competitors. Last year, the U.S. sent a team consisting of Simone Biles, Kyla Ross, Brenna Dowell, Peyton Ernst, Lexie Priessman, Maggie Nichols, Bailie Key, and Amelia Hundley. Other teams that competed last year were Italy, Japan, and Switzerland, all of which are improving rapidly. If they all compete again, it will make for a thrilling team battle. The USA will announce its squad for Jesolo at the upcoming selection camp, which runs from March 13th-17th.

Russian Championships (March 31st-April 6th)

The Russian Championships will answer a lot of questions that Russian gymnastics fans have been asking. Will Viktoria Komova and Ksenia Afanasyeva finally be recovered from their injuries and compete? Will Aliya Mustafina be ready to compete after taking January off from gymnastics? How will the first-years seniors handle their first domestic meet of the year? Talk about some excitement! Additionally, these Championships are only about a month prior to the European Championships, so that only adds to the drama.

Which events and performances are you looking forward to this month? Feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. xexeo says:

    Cottbus – GERMAN RISE
    VAULT – Janine Berger is the favorite for the gold with Kim Bui supporting and Noemi Makra third. Close the start list Pichta Paula, Hiu Ying Angel Wong, Kristin Beckett, Jasmin Mader and Marina Nekrasova.
    BARS – Sophie Scheder first with Anna Rodionova and Bui. Rounding out the team, Makra, Natalie Vaculik, Ana Filipa Martins, Marta and Aleeza Yu-Pihan Kulecza.
    BEAM – Romanian Feud – Andreea Munteanu is a favorite shot. With Katarzyna Jurkowska, Yu, Cagla Akyol, Makra, Vaculik, Scheder and Mary Kharenkova.
    FLOOR – Munteanu again spearheading the start list. Pihan-Kulecza, Kharenkova, Bui, Yu, Sasa Golob, Akyol and Beckett.
    Disappointments – Both Swedish and Swiss teams disappointed. Team Chocolate Earth was responsible for few penalties – again Switzerland will turning hostage Giulia Steingruber. The vovo Vassiliki Millousi off a final, which she won silver last year.

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