WAG: Who will win the American Cup 2011?



This week, we see the American Cup competition happening on Saturday March 5th. As part of the Gymnastics Mc Laughlin Group, this week we discussed who we thought would win the American Cup for 2011. Across the board, it was thought that Aliya Mustafina will continue her very successful stint but with the addition of Jordan Wieber to the AC line up, it seems that it may be a battle between the two. Both Blythe and Ciara from Stoi! mention Huang Qiushuang.

Katie (Full Twist): Aliya Mustafina to win the women’s title. I was pretty certain up until yesterday when I read that Nicole Hibbert is out and Jordan Wieber is in but I still feel Mustafina has it.

Check the full discussion out here.


Photo: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images Europe

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