Vladimir Cherktov set to leave India


This has been a long running theme with India’s MAG Gymnastics Coach. Is he gone? Is he still the coach? Back in January Vladimir Cherktov was said to be in limbo, not knowing where his contract with the Sports Authority of India, before that he walked out on his teamat the Asian Games and most recently he was coaching the MAG Indian Team in the UK during a training camp. His name became known most when his gymnast Asish Kumar made history by winning 2 medals for his country in the Commonwealth Games back in October 2010.

All the drama surrounding Cherktov has been quiet until now since regularly hitting the headlines for quite some time. Although it seems that he is set to leave India behind as Asish failed to qualify for the London 2012 Test Event in January, missing out by just 2 points in the All Around competition. He feels the time has now come to leave India as he would be “wasting” time and tax payers money:

“We came really close as Ashish finished 108 out of 270 competitors at the Tokyo World Championship in September,”.

“The first reason why I’m leaving is because it is now impossible for any Indian to qualify for the London Olympics as the last chance was the World Championship. Secondly, the programme I submitted for long term development is yet to be approved. As a result there is no reason to continue wasting my time and the Indian tax payer’s money,”.

I wonder now where Cherktov will go to coach, according to the Times of India article he is returning to Chicago. I also wonder who will take over the Indian team and can they do as good a job as Cherktov has done.

Read more from the Times of India.

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