Videos: New Elements added to WAG CoP 2010

New elements were added to the WAG Code of Points, the FIG published the update this week on the website. Some of the videos of the moves are below, if you can find anymore please leave a comment below with the link.


Becky Downie Stadler Bwd on High Bar with counter pike – reverse hecht over H Bar to hang

Aliya Mustafina – Swing fwd to double salto bwd tucked with 1 1/2 twist

Huang Qiushuang – Stadler fwd in L grip with 360 turn to hstd (initiated on 1 arm before hstd)

Tatiana Nabieva – Pike sole circle bwd with counter stretched hecht (layout position over HB) to hang


Lauren Mitchell – 3/1 turn in tuck stand on 1 leg – free leg straight throughout turn(no turn initiation with a push with hands on floor)

Tunde Csillag –  Side split leap wide 1/1 turn


Lauren Mitchell3/1 turn in tuck stand on one leg – free leg optional

Sanne Wevers2/1 turn with heel of free leg fwd at horizontal throughout turn (support and free leg may be straight or bent)

Pauline Morel, Aurelie Malaussena, Monica Frandofert – Mount – leap fwd with leg change (free leg swing to 45 degrees) to cross split

edit: Cristina has given us the link to a montage by Mostepanovafan

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