Video: Worlds 2011 Vault medal Contenders


This is pretty cool, contenders for vault medals at the Tokyo World Gymnastics Championships. Could the following ladies medal?


Well done to ButterflyGymnastics for making this, what an excellent way to do so!From YouTube:

Vault Contenders for the 2011 World Gymnastics Championships sorted in descending order of start value. All vaults in this video have been competed by the gymnast shown since the last world championships (N.B. Some videos are, however, taken from that world championship). Thanks go to all those whose footage is used in this video :).


McKayla Maroney USA 6.5 5.6 (12.1)
Alicia Sacramone USA 6.3 5.8 (12.1)
Maria Paseka RUS 6.5 5.6 (12.1)
Oksana Chusovitina GER 6.3 5.5 (11.8)
Giulia Steingruber SUI 6.3 5.2 (11.5)
Alexa Monreno MEX 6.3 5.2 (11.5)
Sandra Izbasa ROU 5.8 5.6 (11.4)
Jade Barbosa BRA 5.8 5.6 (11.4)
Jo Hyunjoo KOR 5.6 5.8 (11.4)
Valeria Maksyuta ISL 5.8 5.5 (11.3)
Tatyana Nabieva RUS 5.8 5.2 (11.0)
Elisabeth Seitz GER 5.8 5.0 (10.8)
Amelia Racea ROU 5.8 4.8 (10.6)
Diana Chelaru ROM 5.8 4.6 (10.4)
Mariya Livchicova UKR 5.3 5.0 (10.3)
Jennifer Khwela RSA 5.3 5.0 (10.3)
Imogen Cairns GBR 5.3 4.8 (10.1)


Personally I think you can really see the best from the top down, I really think that Sacramone can take the gold.





  1. sherajn says:

    To me Asac no doubt about it. Then maroney and maybe paseka or susho.

  2. Igor Almeida says:

    Valeria Maksyuta from Israel performed a handspring layout front full (5.9) and a double-twisting Yurchenko (5.8) putting her just behind Chusovitina.

  3. Sour says:

    Paseka is out.

  4. Admin says:

    it should be noted that as of Monday Paseka is out.

  5. JP says:

    Barbosa will perform a more difficult vault, and she is cleaner than Chusovitina and the others…i think she has a shot!

  6. AJS says:

    So many of these girls are incredibly sloppy and have very weak 2nd vaults.

  7. JJ says:

    Jennifer Khwela is injured and won’t be at World’s

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