Video: Sui Lu interview


Thank you to Giordy Gio for linking to this interview and transcript.

Q: Hypothetically, if you had not won the beam gold in Tokyo, what state of mind would you be in right now. Have you thought about that before the competition? Will it affect how you prepare for London?
SL: I don’t think it would affect me, but I would not have as much confidence. The main thing I got from Tokyo is confidence going into London. In terms of my motivation and commitment, I feel it’s okay. The most important thing is I didn’t want to give up. In 2008, not going to the Olympics was sad because I felt my conditions were good,not making the team was sad, but I did not want to just quit gymnastics after that. So year after year of competing, during both 09 and 10, my performance during worlds was unsatisfactory. But I always believe that if I keep working hard, eventually I will achieve the results that I want.

Q: In what way are they disciplined in training?
SL: Eg. everyday, whatever the coach asked them to train, they always listened. They’re very committed and put in lot of effort. They are all eager and motivated to learn.

Q: Of course you are also known for your motivation and commitment. Because you’ve been on the senior scene since 2008. In fact in you had a big shot at the Beijing Olympics. Can you tell us during which period of your career you felt was the hardest emotionally and physically?

(answer seems to be missing)

Q: Speaking of Liukin, do you know any gymnasts from outside China, or what are you impressions of gymnasts from outside China?

SL: Before Tokyo, I wasn’t really paying much attention, but after this year’s worlds competing with the Americans, I feel that they are strong, really very strong. For example, Wieber, I admire her quite a bit. We train with the American team sometimes, and I feel their condition is good during training. And their difficulty is undeniably high.

Q: Nowadays, we are hearing news of a lot of veterans returning to competition like America’s Nastia Liukin, and is rumored to be training beam. Do you feel concerned about the comeback of veterans and how they may factor into medal contention ?
SL: No because we should focus on preparing and training ourselves, and not be affected by what other people are doing. The best thing to do is to improve myself, that would be better than whatever circumstances were happening around me.

Q:There’s been rumors that after winning this year’s BB title, you are a lock for the 2012 team. To you, does that decrease some of the pressures from competing to be on the Olympic team?
SL: It’s okay. Everyone’s working hard to prepare for London. Because London’s format is 5-3-3, instead of this year’s 6-3-3. There will be even less opportunities for next year, so everybody should be doubling their efforts.


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