Video: Komova upgrades Bars


A video appeared online yesterday of Russia’s Viktoria Komova performing a double double dismount on bars, just like Great Britain’s Beth Tweddle. She has fantastic height. The original video was linked from a Chinese site and for some reason I only caught the landing each time I played it, luckily someone has captured it and uploaded to YouTube.

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  1. sherajn says:

    Nice! I hope she stays injury free for london. Her and mustafina can medal on bars and all around!

  2. aaronellis78 says:

    Wow awesome, I think she has her work cut out for her. Komova has shown weakness under pressure, Beth can rock bars. Then Mustafina scored high at Russia’s Nationals, then if Kexin & Liukin make USA and China’s teams they are going to be in the mix. Liukin & Kexin hold the highest two scores ever given since the new scoring system. Liukin 16.9, He 16.85 both obatined at the 08 Olympics team finals. I think it will all come down to nerves and who can hit the routine and stick their landing. Best of luck to them all!

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