Video: Kharenkova Beam 16.200


The Russian Cup is now underway, a video has emerged of Maria Kharenkova’s beam where she scores 16.200 (7.0/ 9.2). Kharenkova turned senior this year, qualifying in second place for the beam finals at the European Championships.

The score sheet from the competition can be seen here, where the name on the second line shows a beam score of 16.200.

Image via Tumblr

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  1. Craig D. says:

    If you watch the routines from this competition and the European Championships the coaches re-arranged some skills in the beam routine. It’s clear that it benefitted her because this is one of the first if not the first 16+ routine I’ve seen this year.

  2. Hai says:

    Interesting score – a beautiful routine, but 7.0 D???? I calculated a D of 6.5 , though she was aiming forD score of 6.8. People always complained of inflated scores of American gymnasts in US Championship and American Cup , but not too much about these scores!!! Come on – a 16.2??? Mustafina 14.6 beam and 9+ E score for her vault??? Goes to show u it’s the placement of the gymnasts that matters more.

  3. Keepitreal2014 says:

    Nice routine but I think this is a bit bias coming out of the Russian Camp for that score. She has way too many balance checks to post that score (Small & Large) This is the highest score I seen thus far coming from any competition. I also agree with Hai. The minute an American post any type of high score it’s because it’s American judges scoring but it’s NEVER the case when it’s another country ” Russia”. I doubt this she’ll get any where near this score at worlds

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