USA Gymnastics Coverage Plans for 2015


USA Gymnastics has been increasing their media presence in gymnastics over the past few years, due in great part to the work of Scott Bregman, their Director of Content and Communications. According to Bregman, the unparalleled coverage will continue in 2015. “USA Gymnastics’ goal is to provide live coverage for all sessions of our premiere events that do not air live on television,” he told Full Twist contributor Anna Rose Johnson. “That includes events like the Nastia Liukin Cup, AT&T American Cup, the Secret U.S. Classic and P&G Gymnastics Championships, as well as podium training sessions at many of these events. In addition, we hope to bring fans live coverage of events such as Winter Cup, the USA Gymnastics Championships, the World Championships across all disciplines and more. Plans, including times and dates, are always finalized much closer to the actual competitions.”

For the past two years, gym fans have been treated to videos from USA Gymnastics filmed at the January women’s national team training camp. “We will have communications staff members present at the January women’s national team training camp and will be producing video from the camp,” Bregman confirmed.

When asked if there might ever be broadcasts of the U.S. Worlds selection camps, Bregman replied, “At present, there are many technological issues that make delivering a live webcast a difficult task.”

USA Gymnastics has truly raised the level of live streaming for major competitions, especially as they plan to continue streaming podium training in 2015. “USA Gymnastics is committed to being the source for gymnastics fans in the United States,” said Bregman. “We want to make the sport easily accessible to its fans and welcome their feedback to make that experience as pleasant as possible!”


  1. Kari says:


  2. GAGA says:

    I’m certainly seeing them do a lot more coverage which is great, however a lot of it is blocked viewers from outside the USA such as myself. Not sure what their objective is with that but it is rather annoying.

  3. Admin says:

    I think the geo-blocking is related to the individual television rights of each country.

  4. Lali says:

    Bregman was hired for that role. He gets credit for starting it but it was USA-Gymnastics that decided to be more friendly and hired him so he is getting credit for something he didn’t create.

  5. Aaron says:

    Way to go Scott. Keep up the good work! The nation wants (and needs) to see more live gymnastics.

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