Trouble for Beth Tweddle?


Gymnastics Examiner and International Gymnast have so far been doing a fantastic job of live blogging from the podium training at Europeans this week. Yesterday began with the Women’s Podium Training. Beth Tweddle and Hannah Whelan were in the later slot to Jennifer Pinches and Danusia Francis and trained yesterday evening.

The reports from the live blogs showed that Beth seemed to be having some trouble yesterday, a little on bars and more on floor.

From Gymnastics Examiner yesterday:

7:32 p.m.: Tweddle, floor: 1.5 to Arabian double front, rather heavy landing and goes OOB. Takes a breath before second pass. Arabian double pike, same thing on landing. Switch half walkout to Tourjete half. Doubleturn with leg up, missed. Something seems wrong, or maybe it’s just a blown set…long, long wait in the corner before third pass. 2.5 to front layout. Is she tired? Sick? Heaven forbid injured? Come to think of it, bars didn’t go that well either. I suppose even MBEs are allowed off days, especially if they’re a couple of days before the meet itself…

From International Gymnast today:

An update on Beth Tweddle. The word is that she had an Achilles strain several week ago and has not had enough time to train properly for this competition which explains her frustration that we witnessed yesterday in her podium training.


During the intermission, I just learned another interesting bit of information concerning Beth Tweddle. Apparently a week before the recent Paris Grand prix while she was training on bars at her club, a bolt attaching the bars to the floor broke, and the bars crashed down on her. No wonder she withdrew from the Paris competition.

Fingers crossed that Beth will still be able to compete tomorrow. What a pity that she didn’t have the best warm up yesterday, hopefully she got some rest today and was able to make up for yesterdays performances. Beth is one of Full Twists most loved gymnasts and wish the absolute best for Europeans this weekend.

Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images Europe

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