The week in Gymnastics: September 12th – 18th


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It was another busy week with many competitions taking place ahead of the World Championships. Nations continued with the trend of warm up friendly competitions to use as trials to help decide on their teams for the WCh’s.

Great Britain V Romania V Portugal

The British girls took on Romania and two Portugese gymnasts last weekend. This was a closed competition so the full results are not being revealed. However a few results, some exciting details and a lot of videos have come out of the event. Hannah Whelan revealed a DTY on Vault, Catalina Ponor has upgraded on vault and floor, also performing  a DTY and double layout mount and two whips to full-in on floor. Diana Chelaru finally performed her new floor routine.  Some scores are as follows:

Team Competition:

  1. Great Britain  229.45
  2. Romania 227.90
All Around:
  1. Hannah Whelan (57.95)
  2. Amelia Racea (57.30)
  3. Ana Porgras (57.05)

MAG British Championships

Daniel Purvis was crowned MAG British Champion for 2011.
  1. Daniel Purvis (Southport YMCA) – 91.500
  2. Daniel Keatings (Huntingdon) – 90.500
  3. Kristian Thomas (Earls) – 90.100
  • Floor: Kristian Thomas 15.750
  • Rings: Daniel Purvis 15.175
  • Pommel: Louis Smith 16.050
  • Vault: Ruslan Panteleymonov 15.737
  • Parallel Bars: Daniel Purvis 15.500
  • Kristian Thomas 15.600
Other Event Results:

More Worlds Teams Confirmed:

This week more nations confirmed their teams for Worlds:



  • Josh Jefferis
  • Sam Offord
  • Tom Pichler
  • Prashanth Sellathurai
  • Luke Wadsworth
  • Luke Wiwatowski


  • Ashleigh Brennan
  • Georgia Rose Brown
  • Emily Little
  • Lauren Mitchell
  • Larrissa Miller
  • Mary Anne Monckton
Netherlands (confirmed 14/9/11)


  • Celine van Gerner
  • Joy Goedkoop
  • Wyomi Maseia
  • Tess Moonen
  • Yvette Moshage
  • Marlies Rijken
  • Lieke Wevers

MAG (the final 7 will be chosen shortly)

  • Anthony van Assche
  • Arjen Butter
  • Bart Deurloo
  • Carlo van Minde
  • Epke Zonderland
  •  Glenn Smink
  • Jeffrey Telussa
  •  Jeffrey Wammes
  • Michel Bletterman
  • Yuri van Gelder
WAG (Catalina Ponor will be added to the team once they reach Tokyo)
Confirmed 14/9/11
  • Diana Bulimar
  • Diana Chelaru
  • Raluca Haidu
  •  Sandra Izbasa
  • Ana Porgras
  • Amelia Racea
  • Daniela Andrei (reserve)
Switzerland (reserves to be named in Tokyo)
MAG (confirmed 16/9/11)
  • Pablo Bragger
  • Pascal Bucher
  • Claudio Capelli
  • Roman Gisi
  • Daniel Groves
  • Nils Haller
  • Manuel Rickli
WAG (confirmed 15/9/11)
  • Nadia Baeriswyl
  • Sara Catanzaro
  • Jessica Diacci
  • Sarina Gerber
  • Giulia Steingruber
  • Linda Staempfli
  • Yasmin Zimmermann
A list of confirmed teams is constantly being updated in Full Twists “A Nation Decided” post.

Beth Tweddle Scuplture

British Sculptor Louise Giblin launched her Olympian Series, which features five major British Olympic representatives being body cast for sculpted pieces relating to their physical power and personal triumph. Sally Gunnell, Paralympian quadruple medallist swimmer Darren Leach, middle distance athleteDame Kelly Holmes, Olympic hurdler Kriss Akabusi and our current World Bars Champion Beth Tweddle will all feature in the series. These sculptures will be exhibited in London 2012 in support of the charity Headfirst. Louise began Beth’s sculpture just a short time ago. Read more here.

Other interesting tidbits:
Shawn Johnson sprains her foot ahead of the current Selection Camp but seems to be getting on fine.

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